Monday, May 17, 2010


Where did the time go?

Wasn't he just a little boy?

How did he learn to do this kind of math?
{Differential Equations}

But he did!
He got A's in all his Physics classes!
(He didn't get that from me ;o)

Jason doesn't want to be on television.
Instead, he enjoys researching and forecasting the weather.
He loved his internship with the National Weather Service at the University's

Jason also likes presenting lessons.

I'm so proud of him.
Saturday afternoon we watched Jason, and a little over a dozen more students, graduate from the Atmospheric Science department.
{It's a very difficult major}

During the day, the grounds were prepared for all 2,600 students that will gather again on Sunday for the big commencement ceremony at the University.

...This was Saturday...

...and this...

was Sunday morning!

. . . This weekend . . .
Our youngest of three graduated from college.

we came full circle.

Jason, we love you!
Let your Light Keep Shining!


Robert Brault said...


Congratulations to Jason and to you. A big day, to be sure. Meteorology has been a lifelong interest of mine, although, alas, I was pretty much stopped cold by Freshman Calc. I envy Jason his early awareness of what he wants to do in life and his obvious aptitude for it. I wish him the best.


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Congratulations to your beautiful Jason and to you, sweet Maria. That first picture of the flying balloons is awesome! Love love love it, the blue sky... Lovely words too.
I hope you are also enjoying a sunny Monday! xx

koralee said...

What a lovely post my friend...I feel a little teary eyed. Your son is so handsome and I can feel how proud you are of him...what a blessing and joy..thank you so so much for sharing this special weekend with us all. xoxoxox

It's me said...

Congratulations to your beautiful Jason and to you, sweet Maria..........wowwwww.........nice that you share this with us !!!

Happy evening...........hugs from Ria

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and to Jason! Such great achievements for Jason and his parents both! I can see it on your faces and in your hearts. Happy Celebrating!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Sweet photos of a most special day for your son! Handsome guy!

Julie Harward said...

What a handsome man and what a cute little boy he was. You can be so proud of him mom...he will be a great man! Come say hi :D

Diana said...

This is wonderful Maria. Congratulations to your son. He is very handsome and should be on T.V.!
You must feel very proud!
Love Di ♥

christalenergy said...

Congratulations!wishing more happy moments like that to live in the future :D

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am sure that this was such a precious, yet bittersweet moment for you.

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am truly blessed because of it.

Linda said...

Congratulations to your son Maria. He has done a terrific job. Isn't it a joy to see our children grow into such wonderful young adults. Congratulations to you too Maria!

Maria said...

It's wonderful for Jason to receive encouraging words as new pathways open before him.

Thank you all for your beautiful wishes! You are so kind and gracious ~

~ Faith, Family, Friends and many times the kindness of angels unaware ~


Rosie said...

Oh Maria,
Congratulations on your babies proud you must be. Wow there were a few chairs set up...did you offer to stay for chair stacking duty?...WISE Rosie

Amanda said...

wow! beautiful post mom!! jay graduating brings me tears! i'm so proud of him too!

Rosie said...

Thanks so very much for stopping by my little world. You always have such encouraging words for me.
Hoping this day too, was be filled with many "memory making moment" for you... Love Rosie

B SQUARED said...

He must have learned his lessons well, it looks like a perfect day.

Wanda said...

Oh Maria...congratulations. What an accomplishment. You post and pictures give me the feeling of being there.

Dianne said...

Just look at you and handsome Jason--you are bursting with pride as you should be. I am impressed with his major and his math.

Tell him to bring some better weather to the Oklahoma/Arkansas region -- too many storms lately.

I am so thrilled for all of you. You, sweet friend, have a lot going on this spring and summer. I know your cup is overflowing and I rejoice with you.


Barb said...

Hi Maria, What a happy moment when a child grows to adulthood and shares a wonderful achievement with his parents and family. Good Luck to Jason! I really enjoyed your photos - great depth and perspective. Jason must have requested a beautiful day for graduation!