Monday, May 3, 2010

Fairytale Blossoms

This is the view outside my bedroom window.

It's like looking into a fairytale.

 I these apple trees.

All through the winter I watch them persevere.
Then in the spring,
they gift me with blossoms.


I'm up a bit late tonight.
I've been making blossoms of my own.

These took a while, but they will be fun shower favors!
I hope they'll be glad to get the 'gladiolas.' 

How to is here.
I hope your week is filled with

sweet scents of spring.



christalenergy said...

Lucky you!I hope I had a view like this's amazing. Then everyday would be a great day..happy and smiling :D

Wanda said...

Well...I'm glad for the link, Maria! Making a 'few' with Alivia would be a fun project, especially on a rainy day, like today.
They look like apple blossoms!

It's me said...

Amazing blossoms!! i adore....

May your week also filled with sweet scents of spring ! my dear Maria

Hugs from Ria

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Maria Maria, such sweet post today. I really adore that view outside your bedroom window. The wooden white house in the background is so lovely too. In the Netherlands there are unfortunately not so many wooden houses to be found. Bricks Bricks Bricks... anyway, I'm a little bit sad now, it's such a pity that I cannot come over to your loveliest home to join in that fabulous fun shower ;) Oh my goodness, these flowers are the pretties I've ever seen! Sweet colors and perfectly made, my friend. You must know I will be off to check the link 'how to' right away.
Sending many many sweet Spring sprinkles your way for a lovely May week! xx

koralee said...

I am in love with your blossoms..inside and out!!! Your little gifts look darling...thanks for sharing and have an amazing week. xoxo

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Spring is springing up here as well! My lilacs have just begun to bloom and the fragrance is intoxicating!

What a beautiful view of your apple trees!

Have a most blessed week, Maria!

Julie Harward said...

I love what you are doing...these are so pretty! I too love the apple trees, I loved in one most of the time as a kid...happy spring to you..what joy to be having a wedding! Come say hi :D

Sam Angelica said...

Wow, looks really nice, wish I was somewhere as lovely as that.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It does look like fairyland at your house, how beautiful! Your party favors turned out perfect...what a treat, it must have taken so long to make that many!

Hope your day was full of sunshine.


Barb said...

Your apple trees look like fairies dancing! The pink and white blossoms you made are so fragile looking - I may want to make some with my grand daughter. She's very "crafty" - today I bought her a pot holder weaving kit (remember those). Did you try the cupcake frosting (just wondering...)?

Diana said...

They looked real Maria, you did a great job! I can't wait to see pictures of the shower. The apple tree blossoms must be a wonderful sight to wake up to!
Love Di ♥

Linda said...

Beautiful, beautiful trees. We had an old crab apple tree in the corner of our property when we lived in NY. Sweet memories.
What a clever girl you are. They are just lovely and will be a HUGE hit at the shower.

Vicki said...

Yes, it does look like a fairy tale outside your window. Your new header is so pretty, love it. You are so creative, and I know the guests will enjoy their favors very much. Gladiolas are such pretty flowers. Enjoy your springtime week, my friend. Love and blessings to you~ Vicki

Dianne said...

Dear, dear Maria,
Thank you ever so much for watching Kennedy's videos. What loyalty--LOL! She will be so tickled to know that someone in New York was watching her perform. Ha

The blossoms did gift you, didn't they? And the shower decorations are beautiful. I am impressed. There is nothing like a wedding for bringing out joy unspeakable and full of glory.

May all the days preceding the wedding just get better and better and better.

Much love,

Rosie said...

Oh dear girl, what could be more special...these are so lovely...I continue to pray prayers of strength and endurance for you at this wonderfully busy time...enjoy it to the on Rosie

Wanda said...

What a wonderful view from your bedroom...

Your shower favors are darling!