Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Thoughtful Bouquet

When I came home from work today
there were crabapple blossoms everywhere

We had rising temperatures and lots of humidity early this afternoon.
This brought a gusty thunderstorm.
The blossoms on the Snow Mound trees in my front yard
are now on my front yard.
I found them in sweet places. the center of a bird's nest that must have fallen too...

This is what one of the trees looked like the evening before.
They were Mother's Day gifts years ago.
I treasure them.

~ They always smile for the camera ~

It certainly looked like a snow shower today instead of a rain shower!

Knowing that the trees would look different after this storm,
my thoughtful husband gathered a few branches
before it started and set them on
our cafe table.

Thank you, Chris
That was really sweet.


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

All your pictures are wonderful, Maria. Love your majestic beautiful tree, the color of the sky is heavenly! This kind of snow is the best there is. Tell your thoughtful Chris I said Hi.
Have a happy Wednesday! Enjoy that gorgeous look in your beautiful garden. xxooxx

Diana said...

All I have to say Maria is your photos are spectacular! The photo of the tree was awesome! You have a sweet husband. Love Di ♥

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Oh, how sweet. I hate it that your blossoms were blown off, but I'm sure that it was also very pretty to see the "snow" covered ground. Your pictures are wonderful.

koralee said...

Your tree is amazing!!!! It makes me smile too. I love it when the blossoms fall all over the pretty...I want to sit amoung them all and never leave..I think this is what Heaven must be like. That sweet bird nest amoung them all is such a pretty gift to you.{but I am thinking about the poor bird that will be looking for its home.} Hugs for a wonderful day and thank you once again for making my early morning joyful.xoxox

It's me said...

All your pictures are wonderful, Maria...........

Your tree is amazing!!!!

Have a nice evening hugs from Ria

Teresa said...

OH Maria!
That tree just BEAMS with SPRING!
So sweet that tree was planted in honor of you as a MOTHER!
ANd I know you must be the sweetest most loving MOMMY!
Your heart is so tender and full of all that is precious in this world we live in.
What a lovely site...
all of the BLOOMS covering the ground below!
And how sweet sweet sweet is your hub for gathering some blooms before the storm.
Looking forward to catching up on the wedding plans! xo
Love you sweet girl! ;o)


Wonderful ! Thank you

Robert Brault said...

It occurred to me today, arriving at your blog, that all the people I follow are dispensers of beauty in some form. You have quite outdone yourself with this lovely display, Maria. Thank you.


Wanda said...

These photo are so amazing... just breathtaking.... and yes, what a sweetie to put those flowers on the table for you.

Barb said...

That tree covered in blossoms is so lovely! I'm glad you can remember the blooms for awhile, seeing them in the bouquet your Husband picked for you. What a thoughtful guy!

Linda said...

That was, indeed, very sweet. The trees are just magnificent. Thank you so much for sharing them Maria.

Maria said...

What dear comments to come home to today. I am so grateful for all of you!

I am truly honored that you stop by my way and take the time to leave a note ♥ Thank You

Rosie said...

Oh this is so beautiful...would your sweet daughter agree to a little pre~wedding photo shoot under the tree...if not maybe you can do a little photshop after the fact.

Isn't He just an amazing artist...His brush...the wind, His canvas your lawn...Ahhhh...glad you were able to capture this masterpiece forever...still smiling...Rosie

Kcalpesh said...

Really Awesome!

Pixellicious Photos

It's me said...

Hi we do not go to Denmark with Saskia.............she is now and we go in June..........

But it i like her very much who knows maybe we go together once !! hahahahhah!!

~Chris said...

Thanks Hon.... it's a small thing really, your more beautiful than these.

Love U

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Maria, just came to your sweetest little corner in the world to wish you a merry happy Mother's day. Enjoy every single minute with your lovely family!
Tomorrow morning we will be off to Denmark, the car is all packed, I am going to close my laptop and make myself a warm cup of green tea. Hope there will be no trouble browsing the internet in Denmark and still follow my favorite blogs. If not, I will catch up with you on Sunday 16th. Have a lovely afternoon and evening, Maria! xxooxx

Rosie said...

MARIA...Guess what...Tomorrow's F*R*I*D*A*Y...Yippee...Happy Mother's Day sweet Rosie

EcoRover said...

Wow, talk about a gift that keeps on giving. Planting trees certainly makes a statement about the future.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

This is so fantastic ,lovely and beautiful !I really enjoyed this post !!Great and amazing !!

Dianne said...

Hi Maria,
I have been out of town for the last few days and really missed my blogging friends. I am trying to catch up and I love this post. The picture of the petals in the nest is awesome--as are all of them.

I know, with your lovely family, that you will have an awesome Mother's Day. Enjoy to the fullest those precious kids and hubby of yours.


A Write Life said...

What incredible blooms. How beautiful. And what a nice gesture.