Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter celebration!
I had so much fun at Aunt Doreen's Easter Celebration yesterday! Some of the highlights were: baking tea cookies and cooking appetizers with mom the night before, traveling in the pouring rain to get Nonno, all going to church together even though the "kids" weren't really listening to mass (by kids I mean the grown adults who are my parents children--we were worse than the actual kids in front of us), getting to see Sarah, Anna and Joey for a couple of hours, Isabella and Marcy's make-believe stories about diamond castles and wish fulfillment, eating delicious food and needing to exercise it off today.

Much love to my family, Amanda

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Calm Energy said...

We miss you, Amanda! Having you home for a week was so sweet! I especially loved our little trip to get Nonno. Thank you for changing your plans to join me :) love you <3
Hmmmm, I did notice you three giggling in church (like when you were LITTLE) ... I just loved singing the Gloria... It brought tears to my eyes and made me feel like I was in heaven! ~m