Monday, April 27, 2009

"Give us this day our Daily Bread"

The blessings of these apple trees
send me into a world of gratitude.
~ I thank God for their beauty and their harvest ~
They are one of the first things I see when
I open my eyes every morning.
I am so amazed how these trees endure
the harshness of the winter.
Then, every spring,
their energy within softens their branches

and new life begins to emerge.
They are ripe with buds . . .
Blossoms, new apples, ripe apples, bushels of apples, apple pies ...
yet to come!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

We planted several dwarf apple trees a few years ago, but have only gotten a couple of apples. Last year we had a deep frost after the trees blossomed, so no apples. Perhaps this year?

Following in His Footsteps said...

Ummmm... Daily Bread with apple butter. Your the best. ;>)

Calm Energy said...

Hi! We bought these trees from a local orchard 22 years ago...we only gathered a handful of apples for years... then all of a sudden... wow! We have more apples than we can eat! We peel and cut apples daily for weeks... eat A LOT of apple crisp (I make it with granola-quick and easy...and once in a while with the real crumble topping :)

A friend of ours who owns a garden nursery, told us that the new little apple tree we planted a few years ago could be responsible for the pollination of the older trees... it could also be the crabapple tree which I read can also pollinate apple trees. I seems the original varieties we chose did not pollinate each other... it's funny to think this little tree out back could be responsible for all those apples!
or...It could have just been their time...
Wishing you lots of apples!

Following in His Footsteps said...

Wonderful entry...