Tuesday, April 14, 2009

little birdies

Our sweet lil' juncos!
They'll be here a few more weeks and then...
one by one
they migrate north to cooler temps.
I'll miss their sweet dispositions...
their lil' white tummies...
and golden beaks.
In this picture taken through my sunroom window
there are two juncos, the other two are part of the feeder.


Marg said...

Welcome to Blogging land. I jumped over from Lovella's and it's always fun to see someone else inspired to share the same values in life.

Calm Energy said...

mom, I love the little birdies from your window!!! When I have a house you'll have to help me set up for them to come to my window too. =) i miss you


HoPe YOu R hAvInG fUn wItH AuNt DoReEn
<3, Amanda