Sunday, January 3, 2010

a Day of Rest

On days like today...
I dream of Pemberley.

It was a busy January 2nd.
My father, 85, left this afternoon with my brother.
We spent the morning
packing a few last minute things...
sorting a few last minute things...
like his tenderly, carefully wrapped packages.
It was sad when he left.

We had to help Rachael by picking up her boss's-boss's two dogs and cat at the kennel.
(She had promised to help him, but Rach and Juan were caught in traffic 
and would not be back upstate by the  kennel's closing time).

So, after a busy morning, we went - 50 minutes north of here to a kennel to pick up these two great dogs and a cat (in her little crate).  These animals were so happy to see anyone outside of the kennel where they'd been for almost two weeks.  Chris had to switch to passenger seat to control the weimaraner,
who tried to climb to the front of the car!

A wonderful benefit was that I could visit with my sister and her family who live 10 minutes farther north.
 *  *  *
 We got home late in the evening.

No cooking, I declared!
... just snacking on leftovers.
Brie en croute...veggies... peanut m&m's
Tea . . . Popcorn
 *  *  *
And now,
. . . Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett . . .
Pride and Prejudice one more time ;o)
~Entering Pemberley in my mind~

"Every disposition of the ground was good; and she looked on the whole scene, the river, the trees scattered on its banks, and the winding of the valley, as far as she could trace it."
Jane Austen

Hope your weekend
Calm and Relaxing

 It's 7° ~ wind at 30 mph.

Thinking of the animals.


Cathy said...

I love dogs so much! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Wanda said...

I enjoyed your calm and relaxing post as I had my coffee this morning Maria. It's 7 degrees here in SW Ohio too! On days like this I dream of Dr. Zhivago, that movie would make our weather seem warm!
Wishing you many days of calmness in 2010, Maria!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Ooh, I feel your pain. Hate, hate goodbyes. Can you ever hug them enough, kiss them enough, love on them enough? I don't think so!

Dianne said...

Hey Maria, I just wrote a sad post but haven't decided yet if I will ever post it--

but your reference to your father and his tenderly, carefully wrapped packages gave me a big ole lump in the throat.

7 degrees--hard to believe--I think it is in the low 20's here and that is really low for us--

I got a Kindle for Christmas--have never read Pride and Prejudice (can you believe that--a literature teacher who has never read that--)

anyway, I had downloaded it to the Kindle so think I will start on that today--

beautiful post! on many levels

Happy New Year! Dianne

Maria said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

The winds are still blowing here in the N.East... Brrrrrr
staying inside & cozy

Hope your day is relaxing too~

Barb said...

Enjoy your rest day, Maria - you deserve some time to put your feet up! Lucinda believes that rabbit may be one of her long-lost relatives. (PS I have eaten way too many dark chocolate peanut M&M's in the last week...)

Linda said...

Brrr - Maria that is really cold!!

Those good-byes are always so difficult. I'm glad you had the time together.
How sweet you are to make the long trip to rescue the pets! You deserve a lovely, restful day. "P&P" sounds like the perfect way to do that. One of my very favorites.

Angela said...

What a lovely and calming blog you have. I am so glad you left a sweet comment on my (In)Courage post that led me to you! Happy New Year!

koralee said...

I hate goodbyes as well. Glad you are all snuggled in safe and warm..with such adorable slippers! I love them. I alway worry about the sweet little animals in terrible weather conditions....then I remember God has given them ways to cope. Much love to you as you start back tomorrow my friend. xoxo