Thursday, January 7, 2010

Skywatching in the Adirondacks with My Boys

Adirondack Lodge ~ near Lake Placid

Jason preparing to trek.
A BIG Thank You to Barry for lending them his snowshoes!
Now we know what to get Jason for his birthday in two weeks.

...on the trail...

~ Snowy Adirondacks ~

~ Marcy Dam ~

~ These are New York Style Rocks ~
Gates of Moria? 
Speak friend and enter here.
J.R. Tolkien

Avalanche Pass Cliff
*These are trees on top*

Lunch on Frozen Avalanche Lake

Which way home?
So many trails ~ So little time

The sun will set soon.

~ Adirondack woods ~

The Blue Moon of December 2009

My boys had a great day showshoeing in the Adirondacks!
Next time ... I think I'll join them!
* * *

Thank you to our Sky Watch Friday hosts: 


Sandy said...

Breathtaking! Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. :)

Me and my puppies said...

Maria ~ just beautiful, great shot of the trees!

joo said...

Fabulous post!!!!!
Happy New Year:)

Wanda said...

All the photos were beautiful Maria, but the last three were magnificent!

Cathy said...

Wow! That is gorgeous country! God really outdid Himself on that one!

Kathy said...

Hi Marie...I just commented on your tablscape post...noticed your doing Purpose Driven life...with your sister!!! You'll love it!
I lead that bible study a few years ago and we all enjoyed it so much they wanted to do it again!
Hope your inspired! God Bless
xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Janean said...

i've never seen the Adirondacks. the one of the woods is awesome. thank you for sharing your photography talent!

Linda said...

What an amazing adventure - and pictures!
I love the one of the tall, tall trees. Such beauty.

Barb said...

What? You didn't go along? Are you kidding? What an awesome place to snowshoe. I wonder if you could ski tour there? I see they mark a "ski" trail. Maria - you would really love snowshoeing. It's great exercise, plus all you must know how to do is put them on and walk. These photos are breathtaking! Is this area close by where you live? Wonderful post, Maria!

Cassandra Frear said...

Just beautiful.

Regina said...

Beautiful and amazing captures!
Such a wonderful family time.

Happy weekend.


Maria said...

Beautiful captures, love the images of the mountains.

SandyCarlson said...

Magical. Beautiful. Wonderful.

Dianne said...

Hey Maria! How is your first week back at school going?

These pictures are just incredible. Did one of your boys take them?

Yes, by all means, next time go with them. And give me a little ring before you go, I just might hop a freight and come join you!


Maria said...

Hi Everyone! Thanks for visiting!
My husband took all the pictures... He's getting really good at it :D

Gotta get our own snowshoes!!!
Then, Barry & my sister can join us!

Vicki said...

Breath-taking scenery, Maria! That last shot with the moon is awesome. Thank you for sharing the beauty of the Adirondacks. I always think of the Olympics when I hear of Lake Placid. I hope you have a terrific weekend! Love to you! Vicki

Deidra said...

Great pictures!

The past few days I've been reminiscing about a snowshoeing adventure I took a few years back in New England. This post took me right back there!

koralee said...

What beautiful photos. The snow is amazing. Just wish we had some around here. I would love to hike that area in the Summer as well. Hope you are having a great weekend...sending you much love for the new week.

Roo said...

sweet maria! what amazing photos!! what fun. :)

Diana said...

Such gorgeous photos! What a beautiful place. It really proves how beautiful winter can be!
Love Di

ellen b. said...

Maria! These are such awesome images you shared. If I would do any sport in the snow it would definitely be snowshoeing. I left the skis behind years ago :0)

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Wow, Maria! I have never been to the Adirondacks...beautiful! Amazing photos! There is a wonderful quietness in the solitude of a place like that. Stay warm!...Debbie
PS I use Photoscape downloaded free...very user friendly! For that effect, I edited with Filter set on Region(out of focus) in black. It's a great tool!

april said...

Breathtaking! God's country.

EcoRover said...

Nice photo essay. You absolutely should join them next trek. It's a high energy activity if you're covering some miles, so you'll stay warm!

While living in Troy, made friends with a guy who lived north of Saratoga. Still miss those Adirondack hills. We did a lot of snowshoeing, camping, and hunting together in that region--great country. I remember shifting from traditional ash-frame snowshoes to Sherpas (early aluminum frame w/ neoprene deck)--that was like going from horse & buggy to Toyota, though I still miss the craftsmanship. Except for elk hunting, hardly ever snowshoe anymore--the snow is so good here I really got hooked on skiing.