Saturday, January 16, 2010

You have reached a non-working number... downsizing 101

Remember these phones?

and these phones?

We traded them all for this phone.

A "house phone" we can take everywhere!

We haven't really downsized yet.
Although my kids are 26, 24 and 22,
and they are in places of their own - much of their "stuff" is still here!

It's difficult for me to pack up beautiful dolls that belong at "tea parties."
Jason's Garfield books are still displayed in a bedroom bookcase.
~so many memories~

~ But ~
it wasn't difficult for me to pack up all those phones
and say good-bye to a phone number we've had for 23 years.

Even though we are on the "governor's no call list,"
we still get nuisance calls.
Sometimes Caller ID said -0- is calling
Sometimes it was for "Claudette" who has creditors looking for her...whoever she is!
You get the picture!

there's the cable bill!
We had the "all-in-one" package from Time Warner.
...cable, internet and phone...
It was a bargain the first year.
$102 for all three!

For the past two years, the price has gone up every six months.
I've had to renegotiate...over and over.
This month- it was about to go up to $142...they would not renegotiate.
So... off we went last Saturday to turn in the BIG extras.
We are down to basic cable (channels 2-25 with 76, 77, 78 thrown in)
Channel 76 is National Geographic - which is nice...
and high speed internet.
This is what we used to have.
I don't miss ALL the news ALL day.

With the internet,
I don't miss television.

With my cellphone,
I don't miss the house phone.

I love staying connected
to family
to friends
to the world

~ Quietly ~

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend dear ♥'s


Cathy said...

We got rid of our house phones last summer and just have the cell phones and I don't regret it at all. And with our wireless internet we now watch very little TV most weeks in our house. Love it!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

We've been talking about dumping the landline. There is something about having that still makes me feel a bit more secure (silly, I know) and our DSL comes from our phone company. So, it would mean changing our internet to our cable provider...which is known to have lousy internet. It is a tough would save us quite a bit. I'm still trying to figure it out. As for television...I watch all news, all the time...often.


Linda said...

I think "quietly" is the key Maria. We are so inundated with noise; it's hard to have time to just think.
We don't have cable (although just between you and me I wish we did), and I find that I spend more time blogging and reading than actually watching tv.
I think you did a good job!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

HI Maria !! After reading this post i started searching for all my old phones and just checked them whether are working on not !! You are right memories are great.

Barb said...

Oh, Maria, I'm with you! You will never be able to downsize the really important things - like childhood memorabilia - in fact, you'll soon enough start gaining Grandkids "stuff." However, all these extraneous items - who needs or wants 600 channels???? Happiness is not getting nuisance calls...

PS I visited Amanda - what a cute Blog!

koralee said...

Well I am kinda behind the times..I have a robins egg blue dial phone I would never part is connected to the phone jack and my girls get frustrated they have to sit in one spot to talk. I do have a cell though..I hope you did not get rid of that cute phone in the first image.ADORABLE!

Sending you much love for a week full of teaching fun! xoxo
Your book etc. will be in the mail for you this Tuesday. xoxox

Deidra said...

We, too have gotten rid of our land line and all of those cable channels. I especially like not have the land line, but I miss some of those cable channels...

Diana said...

What! You got rid of the antiques!
I love your new header, very COOL!
Love Di

Rebecca said...

It's a jungle out there & seems like it keeps changing. We've never had cable TV, DO have cell phones & still a land phone until we take time to figure out how to get our wireless internet some other inexpensive way....

Every stage of life calls for new approaches/adjustments. What an adventure!

Style Artisan said...

We got rid of cable over a year ago and do not miss watching TV at all. Many shows are now available online.

I know that if we still had TV, I would not take the time to blog, and I find this to be so much more interesting and fulfilling.

Our internet has taken priority as a result!

Marg said...

Too Funny! We too have been having all these chats about downsizing. we're like you...all the kids stuff is still all over the place..
but meanwhile we're working on things and I call it collaborating things like Visa Cards, loans, cell phones, all that internet stuff..
It's fun to see how others accomplish it.
Yes, staying connected is so important.

Vicki said...

Hi, Maria,
Smart move to downsize and use just the one phone. I have been thinking of getting rid of my land line and using just my cell phone. I have only had a cell phone for about a year! I kind of like being anonymous and not always being able to be reached, enjoying the peace and quiet!!! Hope your week is going well! Love and peace to you! Vicki

Eileen said...

All my kids have only cell phones too, no land lines. We're thinking of it too but we still haven't made the leap yet.
Good for you!
Great post!

Also, many thanks for your Birthday wishes to me, I appreciate you stopping by!
All the best,

Wanda said...

Simple is best...leaves more time to zero in on what's really important in life. I truly enjoy your blog is calming and inspring, so it has the perfect name...Calm Energy!

Roo said...

simple is fun!! we dont watch tv...use it for videos but no cable or even any channels that work. it's awesome. people will talk about the latest show and i just look at them with a confused expression on my face. no. clue.

love it.

Sandy said...

Maria, I have been amazed at how much we think alike lately! Your post about shoes made me chuckle because I have been on a quest for another really comfortable pair of shoes. My favorite shoes are my Skechers Mary Janes. My athletic shoes are also Skechers (with orthotic insoles). Your post for today is right on target, too. I recently talked to my husband about getting rid of cable. As it is, I have already had my cable bill reduced. When I called our provider to find out what "basic" cost, they offered us a much lower price. My husband really likes the news channels, so I'm not sure if he's ready to give up our cable just yet. He also wants to hang on to our house phone a little longer. I think it's just a matter of time before that goes.

I think the key word in all this is "quiet." We just don't know what real quiet is any more--and many people can't handle quietness. But, oh how we need to find quiet time!

Amanda said...

i have to tell you though mom... I do miss our old phone number!!! =( tho I'm glad that you and dad don't get interrupted anymore by "O" lol at dinner =) Love you <3