Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walking a Mile in Comfort

If  I  Am



I must

. . . Although  Barbie's  shoes  are  gorgeous . . .
Could I ever spend a work day in them?

 My workday begins at 7:30am.
Classroom is on the second floor.
All the floors are hard tile.
Hallways are long.
Bells ring, 
and then,
to the grocery store.
Finally arriving home at 5:45pm.
Could I ever spend a work day in Barbie's shoes?

No Way!
My aching feet choose comfort over beauty.
Java Mary Jane's are so cozy.  They're almost like slippers.

I found them on sale at LL Bean.
and they were even less with my $10 off coupon!
My black ones are from Sketchers.
I love sneakers that pretend to be Mary Janes :o)

Keep Comfy
Stay Cozy

Love your Feet!


Cathy said...

Those look really comfortable and cute. I've just started wearing the Croc Mary Janes. I found a brown pair at a consignment store and loved them and then went online and bought a black pair. My feet are still thanking me. Now they are not as cute as yours, but they sure feel good.

Dianne said...

I should have read this 20 years ago. After teaching in heels on concrete floors for many years, I paid the price with surgery etc. etc. You are smart to take care of those feet. And I must add, you are taking care of them in high-style also. I love the Mary Janes!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I discovered Privos by Clarke a couple years ago. They were life changing. They come in many styles (including Mary Jane) and I buy them in multiples!


Barb said...

Well - of course I normally wear the stilletos - especially when running or hiking... You are so right, Maria - foot comfort is one of my priorities. In fact, when I "dress-up" (not often), I dread even putting on a pair of less-comfy ballet flats.

Diana said...

I loved your shoes over Barbie's any day Maria! I always choose comfort first. Of coarse there was once a day way back when! Well that was a long time ago, no more heels for me,just can't do it!
Love Di

Linda said...

Comfy and absolutely adorable. I think I need to get a pair of those!

Marg said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas with me today...It's always so helpful to hear what others are doing.
I love your shoes...I have some similar to the black ones...like you say...running shoes, only with a touch of class and isn't that what you need in your classroom?

koralee said...

Oh Maria...I so agree...I really do not even own a pair of high heels..well maybe one pair. Never had ...probably never will. Flats are for me or a little wedged heel..much more comfortable.

Thanks for your sweet visit...can you believe it is the weekend already? xoxoox

Vicki said...

Maria, you are so smart to take care of your feet. Now, that I am retired my feet still hurt from time to time, and I know it is because I did not always wear comfortable shoes. Keep wearing those comfy shoes! Vicki

Sandy said...

Maria, I have Skechers, too, and I love them! I'm looking for some dress-casual shoes right now. Found a comfy pair of navy SAS loafers that I may buy, but I'm going to check out a few more stores before I make a decision. I want to be "in style," but comfort is the #1 priority.