Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Game of Tag

Hey Honey Bear!
Yes, Sweetie Bear...

I need to fire up the computer and hunt for a picture.
Koralee at Bluebird Notes got tagged and then
She ran over to Calm Energy
and tagged me!

I need to find the 10th picture in my computer.

But Sweetie Bear...
You have pictures saved everywhere!

So, I picked the 10th one from the three main places.
Here's the 10th one stored right on my desktop.
I'm taking spring blossom photos and this one is fresh from this week.
Our weeping cherry tree.
It looks pretty happy though ;o)
A story about this tree is that it's supposed to be weepy...
but it wants to grow straight up.
Some of the branches are curly and twisted.

It guess it wants to be "unique"
Kind of like the red goldfish that is the tenth photo in my picture file.
Interesting story, isn't it!

Here's the 10th one from the external hard drive.
A dogwood blossom from last summer.
So sweet.
Only God can make a flower this perfect!
and Here's the 10th one from my picture folder.
It's in the first folder, the 10th picture.

...I know, I know...

It's of gold fish crackers!
This was actually on the cover of our church bulletin
a few months ago.
I thought it was pretty cool looking.
So I snapped a shot of it and saved it for a post I wrote a while back.

Sweetie bear, the Rules say you must tag 5 friends to play along

But Honey bear...
That is so difficult - to choose just 5.
So, I will sit very still and wait quietly
and see who would like to join in.
I won't peek * Promise!

Amanda?  Chris?  Wanda?  Diana?  Barb?  Dianne?  Linda?  Wanda? Marsha? Cindy? Marge?   B'Squared? Duchess? Rebecca?  MonsterMama? Ruth?  Regina?  Sandy?  It's Me?  Sarah?  Yvonne?  Rosie?  Vicki?  Saskia {you're 'it too!} EcoRover? Misty?  New guest? 

I know that some of you can't come out to play today, but I'm thinking of you just the same ♥


Wanda said...

Well, Sweetie Bear, I am here reading we'll see.

It's me said...

I also reading it i wanna play with you of course!! little cute bear !!

Have a sunny sunday !! Maria.hugs from me................bye! Ria

Regina said...

So cute and wonderful.
Game of Tag?

Have a blessed day Maria.

koralee said...

Thank you for playing my friend...I knew you would. Love your images...that dogwood is amazing..did you know that those flowers are our official flower of British Columbia...they are everywhere up mom has a pink one which is just amazing. Hugs for a great day...must run and get my Sunday off to a good start..but just had to pop over. xoxo May the LORD bless you today..xo

Cozy Little House said...

Unique is good. Loved your photos!

Linda said...

You always have such beautiful pictures! I especially love the tree. It really is unique.
I don't have my pictures in any sort of order at all, so I will be content to enjoy yours!!
Have a blessed sunday Maria.

Diana said...

If my brain remembers and if I have time I will play! Trust me those are big ifs! I've lots going on this week but we shall see. I did love your Dogwood blossom, it was perfect!
Love Di ♥

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Oh Maria, you are cracking me up! LOL! The photo of the weeping tree that's not weeping, oh my! I've never seen a tree like that.

Thanks so much for your kind comments regarding my daughter's designs!

MonsterMama said...

I didn't use liners because they sometimes stick with angel food. Just sprayed and floured tins.

Rosie said...

Oh Maria, you are a scream...just can't get enough...that "groovy Koralee" got me too...Could there be any more fun ? It is so much fun to revert back to childhood and play like the children, we used to be...great on Rosie

Duchess of Tea said...

Sweetie Bear, not only you played Koralee's game, but I must say you played it beautifully. I love your images and the hunour. If you already have your 5, then you are set, if not let me know and I will play.

Love & Hugs

Barb said...

Hi Maria, Honey and Sweetie are certainly more gentle and accommodating than my Lucinda! I may have to send her to your house for finishing school! I've enjoyed the game you played as well as your beautiful spring blossoms. However, I'm flying to Phoenix tomorrow and will not be on the computer for a few days. Don't have too much fun while I'm gone...

EcoRover said...

The meme is morphing, I guess, but I do plan to pull together a dozen pics from the past year in honor of Earth Day.