Thursday, April 22, 2010

He Made Our Amazing Earth

It is a Gift
this beautiful Earth
{on my way home from work earlier in the week}

* Thinking about Earth today *
~ Some highlights of the year in photos ~
{Gorgeous views on the way to and from work}

{Heart in the clouds ~ Indian Lake, Adirondack Mts. NY}
{Summer Sunset ~ Indian Lake, Adirondack Mts. NY}

{Joys and Fruits of Earth}

{Happy Apples}

O God
we thank you for Earth, our home; 

for the wide sky and the blessed sun, 
for the oceans and streams, 
for the towering hills and the whispering wind, 
for the trees and green grass.
We thank you for our senses 
by which we hear the songs of birds,
and see the splendor of fields of golden wheat,
and taste autumn's fruit,
and rejoice in the feel of snow,
and smell the breath of spring flowers.

Grant Us
a heart opened wide to all this beauty;
and save us from being so blind
that we pass unseeing
when even the common thornbush
is aflame with your glory.


♫ Singing Our Gratitude ♫
~All things Wise and Wonderful~

Thank you to our Sky Watch Friday hosts: 

...and to EcoRover 
whose recent post inspired me to look over my year of photographing
this little corner of our beautiful planet...


It's me said...

What a beautiful sky pictures!!

God maked a beautiful world!!

Blessings and hugs from me Maria,...........have a good sunny day tomorrow...........hugs from me Ria

Julie Harward said...

Oh, I love your have an eye to see the beauty of the earth, thanks for sharing it. Many times I have been out in nature and the Spirit has said to me; "Look" ..and I did, and I saw something wonderful that I, would have never heard or noticed. I am so grateful for this beautiful world Heavenly Father created for us. Come say hi :D

Diana said...

We are truly blessed with this earths awesomeness!Your photos of Indian Lake were really gorgeous Maria. I would love to visit there. Do you live close by?
Happy Earth Day!
Love Di ♥

Photo Cache said...

beautiful post in time for earth day.

LV said...

Beautiful, beautiful words and pictures. Nicely done.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Such beautiful photos...there is beauty everywhere if we just take time to slow down and look for it.


Wanda said...

Happy Earth Day, Maria, your photos represent it well!

SandyCarlson said...

Perfect! Gorgeous.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful sky shots. Happy earth day.

Linda said...

This is a place of such peace and beauty Maria. Thank you.

koralee said...

Your world is beautiful sweet one...I am so thankful for the sweet earth that our Father has given us to take care of. Wish we could all do a better job of that...I am so trying to do my part. xoxoxox Have a great's here again!

Rosie said...

Thank you sweet Maria for reminding us to be just as thankful for the beauties we see each and every day, as for the tangible items we request from Him daily...

also...thanks for your delightful visit to my wee world...Rosie smells deliciously like "Lemon Verbena"...pop into the shop and tell me if you agree... :)....good night ...Rosie

Kcalpesh said...

A really beautiful post :-) I love the captures of the skies!

Pixellicious Photos

Hilda said...

Beautiful photos, sentiments and prayers, and a lovely way to celebrate Earth Day!

Misty said...

Beautiful pictures Maria. I especially love the sunset. God does show us daily his power and beauty through his creation. Glad you enjoyed the english muffin post. You should check out the King Arthur store since you are such a fan. I love baking. If you don't have their cookbook I mentioned - it is really great.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Maria Maria, you took some awesome pictures. I'm in love with the first image, the colors are beautiful. The landscape in your sweet corner in the world is fantastic! How I would love to see such a beautiful sky when walking or cycling the kids to school, heavenly.
Your Spring Sign mosaic is soooo sweet!
Have a grand weekend, Maria, enjoy all the pre-joy on your daughters wedding and hopefully some sun too!

Vicki said...

Hello, Maria,
It is always such a delight to come over and see your beautiful photos of God's lovely Earth. The heart in the skies is like a love note from Him. I see that spring is "springing" there in New York. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear friend! Vicki

Wanda said...

Hi Maria ~~ O you are so right..God is the Artist... and paints skies mere humans can only wish about.

To have the sky your canvas...What a God we have.

Sandy said...

Lovely song! Spring is such a bright and beautiful time of the year! I am enjoying the new life and warm sunshine of this time of year. God is an awesome creator!

Barb said...

Your post is breathtaking, Maria - a good reminder to cherish our Earth.

A Write Life said...

Incredible photo of the heart in the clouds. I'm so jealous.

Dianne said...

What a beautiful drive home you have--and it's always more beautiful coming than going--smile! You only have a few more wks of school, right? Well, our kids get out the end of May--You guys may go longer than we do.

With the wedding approaching it is going to fly by--hope you are getting everything done--I bet you are--

Be sure and let us know if you've found a dress. Maybe you've post and I missed it.

Have a beautiful week, dear Maria.

Love, D.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful sky shots Maria !! I really enjoy your photography and your dedication towards blog !!Great post !!

Allie and Pattie said...

Maria, I came by to thank you for visiting us and leaving such a sweet comment. Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding- such an exciting time! I'm curious about where you're located- we lived in the Hudson Valley on Ny and I miss it so
xoxo Pattie

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Lovely words to cherish our Mother Earth.