Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sparkling Joy & Birthday Wishes for Diana!

 A Belated birthday to Diana!
I've been visiting Diana's blog for almost a year!

She is a  wife, mother and grandmother. 
She is a very genuine person...writing from her heart.
She works very hard and puts her all into everything!
My compliments to her Creator!

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday, Diana!
Have a great New Year!
 Love, Maria

~ ~ ~
from Monday:

Having a
Girls Weekend
J   O   Y

I  my  girls

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.  
*)( Looking forward to our next girls-weekend )( *

Love Mom

... the cake ...
It's actually from Martha Stewart Weddings!
...made with 3 hat boxes and vintage lace!
The favors are from M. Stewart also.
They are dahlia bulbs wrapped in tissue paper.
We just loved these ideas!


Dianne said...

Such wonderful joy written all over your faces. Your daughters are beautiful and I know you are so proud of them as well you should be.

The photos are great--I love the second blossom one and the cake is incredible. Is that the cake Rachel will have?

Congratulations to a lovely family,

Barb said...

Ohhhh - a sneak peek at he coming festivities. Is pink one of the colors? That is the color my niece's bridesmaids wore - it was stunning! The cake is amazing, too. But, the best photos are of those sweet Girls and their Mother.

Julie Harward said...

I'm so glad...nothing like being with daughters and it gets even better as they get married and have babies! Come say hi :D

koralee said...

So what a lovely Joyful weekend my friend! I adore all those ideas too...are you going to do them? I love the idea of a flower bulb!!! Hugs to you for a grand week. xoxo

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Maria, such cheerful pictures of the girls weekend. So now THE dress is IN the house... the grand day is literally around!
The dahlia bulbs wrapped in tissue paper are beautiful, such a lovely idea! You've inspired me...

You keep enjoying each and every detail & moment! xoxo

It's me said...

Welcome back !......beautiful pictures of you with your daughters................i am glad you enjoy !!

Have a nice week hugs from me.......

Teresa said...

Oh how delighted I am to get to see your adorable daughter and bride to be!
You guys looks so much alike! Wow!
Oh how sweet to have your daughter as your best friend!
Nothing like having a mama as a best friend!
Can you believe I don't have a daughter to love and spoil and be best friends with.
No children at all.
Just my fur baby! ;o)
Enjoy your time!
And what a special time this is!
Glad you had a lovely GIRL's weekend!
I know she considers you an ANGEL...
just like I do my mom!

Regina said...

You look like sisters.
Such joy!
wonderful post Maria.

Sandy said...

I also have two daughters, and I love your quote--a daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend. Amen. :)

I shared in all the wedding planning and festivities with my older daughter just five years ago. What fun and joy--and, I admit, occasional stress. Have fun and don't fret over the details.

God bless!

Diana said...

Wow I really can not imagine Katie wanting to be my friend one day, LOL! But I'll take your word for it. Martha always has great ideas! Glad you had a special weekend Maria!
Love Di ♥

EcoRover said...

Very nice--my daughter is moving back West after 4 years of college in Boston. I am very happy about it, but Mrs Rover is bursting with joy.

Here's to many more happy weekends for you & yours.

Rosie said...

Dearest Maria
How very sweet of you to visit my site, with your kind words...I too have enjoy strolling through "your" deliciously, inspiring little world as well...you must be so excited to have one of your "babies" preparing for "Wedded Bliss"...I will look forward to wonderful wedding updates as you post...smile on... Rosie

P.S. isn't Koralee a delight? I have received so many "Blue Bird" B*L*E*S*S*I*N*G*S from that precious girl...

Kcalpesh said...

A lovely set of pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Pixellicious Photos

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

That cupcake is adorable, Maria. I popped onto Diana's blog to wish her a belated Happy Birthday.
Do have a happy happy Wednesday, hope you're week is cheerful so far! xo

Diana said...

Oh Maria that was such a sweet Birthday greeting, another nice surprise! Thank You so much and it was a good day. I just noticed the flowers on your sidebar, they are perfect for your blog, are they new or did I miss them before?
Love Di ♥

MonsterMama said...

Love the dahlia bulbs idea! The cake..wow!

Wanda said...

What beautiful daughters and mom too.
Wishing a belated birthday to your friend. I will check out her blog.

Wanda said...

Such a happy post and a happy time, Maria! Love all the pink and the anticipation of the big day!