Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Special Moment with Mom ~ A Royal Harvest!

I have to tell this story.


The last time I had a break from school
{back in February} was a working vacation...

We had tile & grout repair work to do.
A very, very dusty operation.
Dust coated everything.

Then, we discovered that some of the grout was the wrong kind.
I had to go back to Best Tile to get more.
But only after more grout was removed.
Dust on Dust

I spent a whole day mopping and washing
washing and mopping

On my way home from Best Tile, I drove past a Salvation Army Store.
I haven't visited one in years.
{Inspired by some very ingenious blog friends that find the most amazing things at Good Will stores}

I took a sharp right and pulled in.
I be-lined to a small corner of the large store: kitchen/dishes area 
There were some sets and random dishes here and there.
On the second shelf down... all by themselves were plates...
That Were of My Mother's Dish Pattern!

I almost fainted!

This is the pattern she had for years... we grew up with dinner on
"Royal Harvest" dishes.

{No one knows what happened to her plates... many were broken over the years}
It was like getting a hug from Mom after such a long, hard week.
The dinner plates, all in excellent condition, were only $1.49 for all four.
The sandwich plates were only .99 for six.
To add to the wild surprise... it was apparently half-price day!

I was Laughing Out Loud!

The covered casserole dish, dessert plate, sugar bowl and creamer were only 
$19 on eBay!
{I did pay a little extra for shipping so that they would have a safe trip to my home}

You see, a few years ago, 
I spotted this pattern in a local antique store.  I was so excited! But then, I turned over the handwritten tag on the sugar bowl... $29...for just the sugar bowl!
{It was sad leaving them behind}

Oh This was Such a Fun Find!
First the plates, then the extras!
...and at a heavenly price...
It's so nice to get surprises!
Thanks Mom!
{She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn't take them along}
—Margaret Culkin Banning

Thanks for reading my strange but true story.
For me, it was a heavenly moment - well orchestrated by the Master ~
- and with a mother's touch ♥

Do you have stories like this?

A tablescape
of love and memories being created!

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Diana said...

Oh I love this story Maria! And that quote was perfect. After my mom leaving so recently, I can definitely feel your excitement! Good for you!
Love Di ♥

Maria said...

Thanks Diana, We will always be close to our mothers ♥

Cassandra Frear said...

Is it possible that your heavenly father just scooped you up in his arms, laughing and delighting over you and giving you a surprise gift just because, just because he's so glad he made you and you love him and you've worked hard to be diligent and faithful? Is it possible that he loves you and knew what this would mean to you, how it would give you a hug?

Oh yes.

Maria said...

Hi Cassandra!
Oh yes, this too I thought~
For me, it was a heavenly moment - well orchestrated by the Master ~
- and with a mother's touch ♥

Splurgie said...

I think the set was meant to be yours. What a great story and what pretty dishes.

Marg said...

These are the stories I love...That is so special...I can just imagine the big hug you received.
That's why right now on my Playlist is the song, "I can Only Imagine."
It's the Mom song, shared at my mom's funeral 10 years ago..and my sister and I need that hug every day..Hug those memories. Cherish them.
I will be blogging about our tulip adventure..


loved this story, thank you Maria !

Linda said...

Such a precious story Maria. I love it that the Father loves us in such a lavish way. He takes the time to drop these special surprises into our lives.
I am so delighted you found those dishes.

Misty said...

I have a thing for dishes. I know many women who do. I have several sets that belonged to my grandmother and some great finds that I have collected at thrift stores over the years. It's fun to imagine the tea parties and family occasions through the years that these pieces have been a part of. Thanks for sharing such a great story. I know it's an extra thrill to find them for a steal!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh my, such a sweet story.

Accidence doesn't exist...

Enjoy and cherish your treasures, sweet Maria!

I love your blossom of the day, that blue sky... how we craved Spring, didn't we?

Have a happy day! xoxo

Julie Harward said...

I know this happens...little miracles...Mom is always watching over us...why wouldn't she...thats her job! Love her glad you have them now. Come say hi :D

Barb said...

How wonderful, Maria! I think these dishes will make as many happy memories in your home as the memories you already have of your Mother, cooking and caring for your Family. I'm so glad you found them!

Dianne said...

Oh, Maria, this is such a great story. I had an awesome thing such as this happen to me this past week with a new internet friend--it was crazy but one of those things that you knew God had to orchestrate.

Today at the place where I volunteer on Wednesdays, two others shared "impossible" stories that had happened to them this past week.

And the dishes are beautiful, as was your mom.

Love, D.

Wanda said...

A very sweet story of something that was meant to be! I could feel the joy it gave you, Maria!

Allie and Pattie said...

What a wonderful gift! I love family stories and I love dishes- this was the best!
xoxo Pattie

Lynn said...

Very nice, enjoy the plates and memories!

Beth said...

Awesome story! I'm so glad you stopped at the thrift store and it brought back such memories!

Sharon Haynie said...

Great story at any price! Loved your table!

Tricia said...

What a wonderful story! And your mother's dishes are simply gorgeous -- so elegant yet approachable. I'm glad you were able to finish out the set via ebay!

Mimi said...

Maria, isn't it a great feeling to walk into a thrift store and find something that is so familiar? I really like that wheat pattern, very pretty dishes...your mother is smiling down on you.

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling i read this post with misty eyes and a heart full of love for you. I wish I could reach into my screen and hug you. Lovely lovely story and gorgeous plates. I love the part when you said it was like getting a hug from your mum. And now, it is not misty eyes, I am crying. Thank you for sharing this sweet story with us and luv enjoy your new beautiful dishes in good health.

Love & Hugs

Anita @ Far Above Rubies said...

I saw your title on Tablescape Thursday and had to come see the dishes! They are just lovely! What a wonderful history they have. I also love anything that has been in the family. Just makes everything more meaningful!

Atticmag said...

What serendipity. I think those dishes found you! that happens sometimes when something is "meant to be." -- Jane F.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How wonderful to find the dishes that bring back such wonderful memories.

Ridgely (Grandma J) said...

What a wonderful and joyous find for you -- and a wonderful and joyous story to share!

EcoRover said...

This is a great story, and I love the way that simple things can connect us even across vast spans of years or miles.

I've been obsessed about plate sizes of late, having caught an NPR story about the steady increase in diameter (correlated with American waistlines) from the late 19th c. to date.