Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wedding Chit-Chat

~ It's a Good Morning ~
~ It's a  G*R*E*A*T  Weekend ~
a girls weekend
at Amanda's !
we pick up the wedding dress
And then get together with Juan's mother,
an amazing seamstress
She will make any alterations needed.
Kim, Rachael's future sister-in-law,
will also be with us.
She has been so helpful and generous of time and talent.
Thank you, Kim!

I love the wedding stamps!

So Happy

I always say,
The most important accessory we wear
is our

s m i l e

. . . it helps . . .
{May God stay in the center of their life together and may
true JOY fill their hearts}
it's a Great Day Today!
Dear Family & Friends,
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! they say...
Let's Keep Calm & Carry on.


Wanda said...

Such a beautiful post, Maria. Enjoy your weekend with your daughter. Such a happy time!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

What a beautiful post, Maria. Such sweet words, I can really feel your joy through my computer! Do have a most fantastic, enjoyable, great weekend. Picking up THE dress... it will truly be a very special day!
And sweet Maria, my eye caught that colorful funny image in your side bar ;) How absolutely sweet of you to share. What did you do to that simple postcard? It looks amazing! Wish I was so clever with my computer.

Do enjoy your Great Day Today! xoxoxo

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I love the invitations...I didn't know there were wedding stamps! This should be such a fun and special time. Enjoy every moment!


Teresa said...

I saw WEDDING and had to pop right over!
Oh how much fun....having a wedding day with the girls! Do enjoy your sweet self!
The invitations are lovely.
Love the colors...and I had no idea they could make wedding stamps!
Amazing what all they do now in the stationery department for weddings.
Greg and I got married in the hay the my parent's sunset.
"At sunset" truly was the time we put on our invitations. ;o)
I got married in my white JCrew flipflops...
and fireworks went off in the hay field when we said I Do!
Wouldn't change a thing.
Enjoy your day!
What a lucky blessed soul your sweet daughter is to have you as a mommy.
You are one of those ANGEL moms!
Just like my mother! xxooxx

Barb said...

I've been thinking of you since I read your comment this AM. Such a happy time for your Families. Enjoy it! I'm smiling with you.

koralee said...

How exciting...everything looks amazing! I adore the invites..almost the same colour as my daughters. Have a wonderful day..I know you will...enjoy these special times. Thank you for keeping us updated on the wedding. xoxo

Dianne said...

Yes, it is a great day for your family. A wedding brings such joy. Be sure and keep us posted about your "mother of the bride" dress.

The other day you asked about using a picture as "blossom of the day." I commented on that post but you might not have seen it so yes, Maria, you are always welcome to use my photographs. I am honored.


It's me said...

Maria have a wonderful blog !! i will follow you..and hope you will visit my blog too............(after you stay with your daughter of course !)

And will folow me too..i hope !!

Have a good time at your daughter ! enjoy the preparations for her wedding...........blessings and hugs from me Ria from holland......

~Chris said...

Glad you had a great day yesterday. Can't wait to see Rach in the dress. Have a safe trip home to waiting arms... and a couple of chubby dogs.

B SQUARED said...

Enjoy! Make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Julie Harward said...

Just beautiful...nothing as fun as planning a daughters wedding! Enjoy it all, every moment! Come say hi :D

Linda said...

It all looks so lovely Maria. How excited you must be. I know you've had a wonderful weekend.
Ours was nice and quiet. I love quiet!

Marg said...

I love the excitement and you know exactly how to fill us in with all the details. I love the invite.
I'm assuming the groom is your son.
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy! They are busy times...and yet know I have the time to start looking through Boxes to see what I missed over those busy years.

Duchess of Tea said...

Maria darling, these are not just any days, these are treasures in the making. My mum use to say "preparing for a daughter's wedding, is like being granted a pass to heaven" (it sounds much better in french then it does in english). Enjoy the days, the decisions and the memories that are being made. My best wishes to your lovely daughter and to you darling mum who is as young and as beautiful as her daughters.

Love & Hugs