Saturday, March 27, 2010

{the great-great-great-great... grandbunny} of Ralph the Bunny

Ralph's descendants 
come to visit
and spruce up their homes,
I know that
Spring is Here

{12 years ago, a baby rabbit needed rescuing from a neighborhood cat. 
He was the only baby left in the nest.
My daughter, Amanda, wouldn't rest until "Ralph" was safe.
She cleaned out our old guinea pig cage and kept him in there
until it was "safe" for him to be free.}

Photo taken early this morning
{March 27, 2010}
while enjoying my first cup of
Saturday Morning Coffee.
~the best cup of coffee of the week~
Dear Family and Friends,
I hope you enjoy a wonderful Saturday
of rest and weekend joys.


koralee said...

Oh wonderful...such joy to see that sweet bunny. Your story is just the best..bunny love. What an adorable image. Hope your day is filled with more sweetness and joy is found at every corner. Hugs my friend. xoxoxo

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Good morning sweet Maria, Ralph is so adorable. Lovely story on your sweetheart Amanda. I so agree on you thinking the first cup of Saturday Morning Coffee is the best of the week. I usually take a latte, sit down in my favorite chair next to my favorite painting to celebrate the beginning of the new weekend. Hope yours is full of enjoyable moments! xoxo

Teresa said...

Oh Maria!
What a sweet sweet sweet little bunny!
What a sweet story indeed! could write a children's book with that story. Don't you just love and treasure the unexpected surprises that morning cup of coffee can bring.
{especially the SATURDAY cup!}
When we lived in our little cottage...we lived backing up to the woods.
We loved our time on the porch with our coffee.
I was out there every saturday morning...even when it was cold...I had a blanket and wrapped up..I wasn't going to miss the sweet surprises of that time. Kitties...(strays) would find their way to our little cottage and I was always there to welcome them. Once we had 8 kitties coming and going in and out of our little barn...each with such destinct (sp?) personalities. We named each one after our mamaws and papaws and all of our older relatives. Oh what JOY!
We only saw a few bunnies!
But I have been completely amazed at the bunnies we have found...that Doogan this one park here on Bainbridge. It is like walking in a book about bunnies...all shapes and colors...just unreal. Of course when Doogan spots one he likes to crouch down and ease forward...ever so see how close he can get without the bunny scurrying away! ;o)
Your little bunny is so sweet.
And how sweet that you daughter rescued his bunny relative all those years ago.
Enjoy your coffee over there on the East Coast!
We're JUST waking up to ours here on the West Coast! xxooxx
You do live in New York...right?

Teresa said...

Oh Maria...don't forget...I want to know about that milk frother! xxooxx

Sandy said...

Aww, what a sweet bunny! We don't see rabbits too much around here. I'm not sure why because there are plenty of woods and trees around. We DO have a ton of pesky squirrels who have practically demolished our yard this year! You should see all the little holes they are digging while they search for fallen and hidden acorns. They must have had a a very "fertile" season last year because they are just everywhere.

About massages...Over the years, two of my principals have provided upper body massages--the kind where you are leaning forward and still fully clothed--for the staff. I'm a very reserved kind of gal, so I was reluctant to do it. The first time, I went ahead and threw caution to the wind (okay, slight exaggeration). The massage therapist was great at making me feel relaxed, and the massage was truly wonderful. The second time a principal did this for the staff, the experience was more like my daughter's (although fully clothed again). The lady was nice, but the massage was rough! I don't think I'll ever have a "real" massage. It's too...personal. Ha!

Have a great weekend!

Barb said...

Hi Maria,
I think you know who I am - my name is Lucinda B. Rabbit. I am interested in this Ralph Rabbit that is visiting you. He looks pretty cute. Does he need anyone to boss him? Since that's my specialty, I maybe could hop over to your place for awhile. Do you live far from Barb?

PS Barb says to tell you to enjoy a restful Sunday.

Diana said...

Ralph seems to be quite the attractive bunny! Love Di ♥

Wanda said...

What a perfect picture today...Ralph is so cute, and your portrait of him excellent.

Happy Easter to your family and to Ralph!

Wanda said...

My youngest granddaughter just finished dispaying stuffed bunnies around the house. We haven't seen any live ones yet this season. Your photo would make a lovely Easter card, Maria!

Regina said...

How wonderful and cute.
Wishing you a lovely springtime Maria.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Maria, that's the sweetest photo! I do love bunnies, but I have a couple in my yard that keep eating my plants. What to do????

Loved your comment on my blog! Words of wisdom they were.

Roo said...

sweet maria! love your posts. always such a gentle place to visit. kinda like coming home. :)

btw -- i watched the movie "tale of despereaux" and have recently received the book..... xo LOVE IT!

Amanda said...

Hi Ralph XII. =) What a great photograph! I think one of the original Ralph is upstairs in one of the rooms. I'm glad spring is here, thou it wont feel like it until later this week. love you

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Is there anything sweeter than a bunny?

Thanks for your visit and support. I am so glad to have my computer. I've been too tired to use it, but I am starting to be able to "think" for short periods of time. I miss blogging. I keep thinking about all the great ideas and things I'm missing. There will be time for that comes first.