Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Birds in the Bush

Two Birds in the Bush
is worth
sweet sky watch
I didn't notice the sun-sparkled tree until I looked at this photo.
It reminds me of the quote at the beginning of the book Journey, by Patricia MacLachlan
{Photography is a tool for dealing with things everybody knows about but isn't attending to.}
~  Emmet Gowin ~
Our sweet Robins return.
The Blackbirds sing.
{The breeze in the trees made it tough for the zoom to keep focus} 
a sweet birdsong
I gather these
and they warm my soul
as I watch the last drops of winter flow away

Dear Family and Friends,
I hope this weekend puts a spring in your step!

Thank you to our Sky Watch Friday hosts: 


Amanda said...

Oh mom, look at your little birdies in the trees... I had fun listening too!!! I LOVE your "last drops of winter" picture... what a NEAT photo!!! I love you =) Happy SkyWatch

Anonymous said...

Cute cute post.

J Bar said...

The birds look a bit lonely there.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Julie Harward said...

Ah yes...the signs of life! I love that, I just got back from a long walk and it felt and smelled so wonderful! Love that you looked up and saw all these wonderful signs of life, thanks for sharing. :D

Linda said...

The robins usually stop here for a little rest on their way up north, but I haven't seen them this year. They must have been in a hurry to get home!
The pussy-willows are so sweet. I do wish we had them here in south Texas. Thank you for sharing yours Maria.

Sylvia K said...

Marvelous shots and I love the birds! And the words are perfect! Terrific, beautiful post for the day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with more beautiful skies!


Marg said...

Looks like J Bar is right in the right springing step...
Yes, There is spring all around.
I love it.

Pearl Maple said...

Sweet photos of the birds returning to sing for you. Happy Sky Watch Friday.

Teresa said...

Sweet Maria!
I loved this post!
Oh how I love the birds!
We've been seeing lots of robins on our walks...very busy!
Prepping for babies I would assume.
So sweet!
We also see Eagles...which is something we new for me.
The other day we saw a pair of eagles way up in a douglas fir singing the sweetest love song to one another.
There again...prepping for spring babies I would imagine!
Loved the sweet bird singing!
Love knowing that came from YOU!
Happy Friday tomorrow!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your sun-sparkled* tree is amazing! What is it about birds? I so love them and I love trees as well. The tree-trunk cannot be awry enough to me.... adorable.
Anyway, I'm sending you a lot of Spring sparkles*, sweet Maria. No matter where we live, this weekend will most definitely put a Spring in our steps! xoxo

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

so lovely,birds are gifts from God you could view mine to check how God really are amazing to bring all these creatures everywhere.

Jeanette said...

All of your images are so lovely. I am terrified of birds but I looked through my fingers. LOL

Wanda said...

What a special Sky your birds...

Lovely post.

LV said...

Your post and all the pictures are great. My favorite is the one with the robin. That is so neat and shows his bright breast.

koralee said...

Beautiful...I watch for the first Robin to come back and really and truly I do not think they went away this year ...I have seen them ALL winter long which I have never before. Our winter has been so so mild...only one day of snow..unlike you my sweet friend. Thank you for visiting me while I was away. xoxoxo

Regina said...

Hello Maria. Beautiful photos and video.
Amazing little birdie.
Happy weekend dear one.

Diana said...

Ah a lovely new header photo, the beautiful sounds of spring and the promise that new life brings! And yes, lets definitely hope that those are the last drops of winter flowing away! Love Di ♥

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Maria: That was a neat sky and I'm glad to see you warming.

joo said...

Beautiful post Maria!
I love the lovely Robin:)
Have a great weekend!

Wanda said...

Your header is lovely Maria, I think Spring is here to stay, the Bluebirds have returned to our field! Enjoy your weekend, Maria!

Shey said...

Fantastic photos! Love the bird singing in the short clip. Good of you to record it. :)

Anneliese said...

The robbins did make it here quickly this year! Bautiful post!~

EcoRover said...

Nice sights and sounds of spring. The snow is gone from the front (south facing) yard, and in the river valley we saw our first mountain bluebirds & heard our first western meadowlarks: spring will not be denied.