Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Little Wedding Chit-Chat

My sister recently said:  "Maria, you're so calm!"
It's only a few months away now ~ I hope she can still say the same three months from now!
Some bridal shops are just for looking.

Kind of like test driving a Ferrari.
Luckily she found a beautiful dress while in NYC...with the help of her future sister-in-law, Kim.

...Oh!  Look at this...
$1,200  for  a  veil!
I think my mouth opened and words came out,
What could this possibly be made of?
We'll find a beautiful but affordable one soon.

Rachael has been incredibly organized.
She has an Excel spreadsheet that has every detail of the wedding listed and tallied.
If one expense goes up, something else goes down.
She has tried realllllly hard to keep the cost way down.
Here's a perfect example of how well she saves but finds what she's dreaming of.
This is a "Cinderella Dress" on sale at JC Penny's.
The flower girls will be wearing this.
We'll be talking flowers soon.
Simplicity is the word.

Amanda and I are busy with shower plans.
We're thinking of a brunch or lunch menu.

I know many of you are either experts at party planning...
or have had weddings in the family.
Oh how I would LOVE any ideas you have!

Blessings and Joy
to all,


Julie Harward said...

With 8 children...we have had a few wedding thats for sure! One spring we had 3...March-April and May! It nearly killed me but we did it! Weddings are done so differently in each part of the country and among every religion. It sounds to me like this one is organized and under control. I loved having a wedding planner, that doesn't have to be costly and it can take a great weight off your shoulders. Good luck with all of that, I'm sure it will all come off beautifully! :D

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
I don't really have any helpful hints except that we bargain shopped and made what we could by hand. But I must say that Rachael looks just like you, BEAUTIFUL! God blessed you both!
Love Di ♥

Wanda said...

Your daughter seems to be planning her wedding in a thoughtful, sweet way. The flower girl dresses Rachael found are perfect. Stay your calm self Maria and enjoy the planning!

koralee said...

Oh Maria...we went through this a year ago!!! SOOOOOO much fun. Lots to do but making it fun is the key...I so want to do it again! xoxoo Please keep us posted!

Amanda said...

we are just busy busy busy, aren't we mom?!... but, we'll have the summer to relax =)

Michael Lee West said...

Maria, the pictures are lovely. My niece is getting married in October, and I can't wait.
You'd asked if I have any ideas...I'm always the mother of the groom (no daughters), but I would like to point you to
or try:

It's new, but if it's anything like its foodie counterpart, it will be pure eyecandy for brides.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

The dress for the flower girls is so so pretty! It seems so much fun to me, coordinating a wedding. A lot to think of, but still... FUN. Do enjoy, sweet Maria! Looking forward to your flower talk ....
Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Cassandra Frear said...

The little dress is a dream.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

She is a beautiful girl. I can't wait to see her as a bride! I love the flower girl dress. I've never planned a wedding (well, other than my own and my mom did it all)so I don't have suggestions. It sounds as if you are really on the right track. I don't think weddings have to break the bank!

Barb said...

Dear Maria, What a wonderful Celebration you'll have! That flower girl dress is sweet. My Niece had 2 little flower girls dressed in sweet frocks along with two handsome twin ring bearers. How many attendants is Rachael having? Are you wearing a fancy dress? You'll have to devote several upcoming posts to your preparations.

DoanLegacy said...

Gorgeous wedding gowns and everything related to wedding is just beautiful!

Roo said...

beautiful!!!!! my adopted sister is getting married in may and my sweet girlies are her flower girls. :) soooo fun! AND We just had a shower for her last sunday. she was blessed. a neat idea that we do (often) out here for a shower is ask the guests to each bring a pantry item (along with their regular gift) and that item is placed in a big basket. it is a huge blessing for the couple especially since getting started in your new home with pantry stuff can be soo expensive. :)

Allie and Pattie said...

Oh, I'm late to this party! Maria, has the shower happened yet? You know me- zillions of recipes. What do you need?
xoxo Pattie