Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Wanda!

Since today is her birthday, I thought you should all meet
Wanda, from Moments of Mine.
She has shared so many of her beautiful moments!

A beautiful family

Such beautiful property that surrounds her home
Beautiful walks
Such wonderful photos of God's creatures, big and small

Meals that speak comfort and love

Her wonderfully written commentary,
lovely videos
and when you read to the bottom,
a special treat of soothing music
{the kind that you do not pause, but let play through while your heart opens to enjoy} 
Moments of Your Own

Thank You, Wanda!
and a
*Very, Very Happy Birthday*


Julie Harward said...

She looks like a beautiful woman inside and out! Maybe I'll go say hi...have a good week and come say hi :D

Wanda said...

Maria, Thank You for doing this for me, I have had an enormously joyful day and you have added to it with your very thoughtful, kind words. We do have the nicest blogging friends, don't we!

Love to You

Barb said...

Dear Maria, A fitting tribute from one wonderful lady to another.

Cassandra Frear said...

What a nice birthday card.