Thursday, July 22, 2010

Angel Hair {Sky Watch}






angel hair


and ice cream castles


in the air










looked at


clouds that way

~ sometimes I still do  ~

Dear Family and Friends,
Wishing you skies filled
with sunshine
beautiful reminders of the
angels that surround us
in the heavens
and right here among us
~ Thank you for being angels to me ~


Each week you will find hundreds of people from all over the world sharing a glimpse of what they discovered while sky watching.

A BIG shout out to our hosts at  Sky Watch Friday
Thank you so much

I am also participating in Friday's Pretties hosted by
the lovely Joyce @ I Love Pretty Little Things.

Beautiful lyrics from an artist that has brought me a lifetime of music and lyrical poetry.
"Both Sides Now"
~ Joni Mitchell ~

Most of the photos  were taken this Tuesday evening ~ July 20, 2010
Jason asked Juan to take the "ice cream castles" photo on Wednesday.
Thanks Juan and Jason!
{the heart in the clouds-last year by thoughtful Chris---Adirondack Mts.}


Amanda said...

wow those clouds you had are EXACTLY like her song =) I really love the wisps xo

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a BEAUTIFUL and sereve post! YOur photos of the clouds are magnificent. Isn't God so creative!
Wonderful peaceful visit in a very busy day! I pray that your day is beautiful and serene like this post.

Sylvia K said...

What breathtaking captures, gorgeous skies and such beautiful words that brought back many lovely memories! A wonderful Sky Watch post for the day! Thank you! Have a great weekend, Maria!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh my, your post is stunning. I'm dreaming away in your gorgeous fluffy clouds, sweet Maria. You captured them perfect, just perfect.
I was touched yesterday when reading you saved one candy chalk for the upcoming school year. You, my sweet friend, a new bunch of candy chalk will fly the blue blue ocean. I will make sure you receive it before the start of classes.
EnJOY the Summer, I know you do. The sky turned beautifully dark at the moment, I love these moments, children indoors, soft light burning, waiting for the raindrops to be heard at the windows and roof. Sigh... nature gives us much JOY doesn't it? Love coming over here and enjoying a bit of your JOY too.
Have a happy happy joyful Thursday, sweet Maria xxxx

Cathy said...

Beautiful poem and pictures! Love that last sky picture. It looks like a heart!

Julie Harward said...

I think I have met my match...a person who LOVES clouds and the sky as much as I do! I am always looking and loving too! :D

Barb said...

So creative, Maria - your beautiful skies match the lyrics perfectly. I have scrolled through several times - the skies are mesmerizing.

Teresa said...

Oh Maria!
I do believe I MUST mail you my favorite version of that song!
I discovered the artist by chance.
Greg and I were flying into London.
We had been drifting into dreamland through out the flight!
Early the next morning I awoke...
as we were making our way into london...
just before dawn...
I awoke to the most heavenly version of that song!
As soon as I got to London I went and picked up the cd!
Every time I hear this version of this song it brings that MAGIC...DREAMY moment back!
I'll email it now!
Love the sky pics!
And adore YOU!

It's me said...

O wowwww......Maria pictures are amazing today !!! i love are my blog Ria.....

Birgitta "foto CHIP" said...

Maria, I sure do like your way of looking at the clouds :)
Angel hair - Yes!

Mrs. M @ TLC said...

Beautiful poetry of pictures and words.

I love the feel of you blog. I'm at home here so I'm following.

I hope to come back soon to browse your older post.


Kcalpesh said...

Mesmerizing captures!! You have captured the heaven in your photos..

Pixellicious Photos

Anonymous said...

Now that was a cool series of sky images - beautifully captured!

Jossie said...

Lovely sky pictures. I imagine myself in a lazy chair watching you sky and dreaming away.......

EG Wow said...

Oh yes! The clouds look very much like angel hair. I LIKE that description. :)

Carol said...

I love that song and your skies match it so well. Beautiful post, Maria.

Diana said...

Beautiful skies Maria! What I always notice first is that there are no utility lines!! Living in town, we have utility lines all over! I love that song of Joni's!
Love Di ♥

Linda said...

Sweet Maria, I cannot thank you enough for your encouraging words. Your comments always brighten my day.
I love clouds too. These days our skies are filled with gorgeous cumulus clouds, and I see all sorts of wonderful images in them. It makes my head spin!

Eaglesbrother said...

Great series of cloud photos.

Wanda..... said...

Those were certainly heavenly clouds, Maria!

Dianne said...

Maria, these are just beautiful and those first ones really do look like angel hair, don't they? I have always loved angel hair. I remember being mesmerized by it even as a young girl.

And in response to your sweet comments about my blog--no, it is not a new template--same one I have had--I think making the background a solid color and the new photoshop banner give it a little cleaner look. But you know me, good luck if I keep it that way very long--

I'm finally learning a little more about photoshop. It is NOT easy--well, I'm sure to some it is but not to me.

Beautiful post.
love, d.

koralee said...

Oh my goodness Maria..I have been sing this song since the opening of the Winter Olympics{do your remember it?..the boy flying over the Prairie wheat fields} ...LOVE IT...really is one of my favourites. When driving I turn it up full blast.. xoxoxo
Hugs for a great Friday..I am soooo enjoying my time with my parents..xoxo

Maria said...

Oh I do remember that! The Olympic opening day program was spectacular!
It was great that they chose a lovely Canadian's song to grace these Olympics!

Thank you all for stopping by and for all these encouraging comments ♥

~Wishes for a wonderful weekend ~

Pearl Maple said...

Truely beautiful song and so well matched with your collection of photos. Thanks for adding to the Sky Watch Friday party.

Lesley said...

beautifully done!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

How Beautiful! I love watching clouds and the images that they create and how they are always moving and changing. They certainly show God's Glory!

Thank you for playing Friday Pretties this week. Such Fun to have you along!

Have a Pretty & Fun-Filled Weekend,

Rosie said...

Maria...Sweet Maria...How completely it...and the song is contagious...have a fabulously F*L*U*F*F*Y Rosie

It's me said...

Happy friday pretties darling........

Gloria said...

Those are some very pretty clouds!! Very majestic, like only OUR Heavenly Father can make! :)
Have a happy pretty Friday!
@}~`}~~~ Gloria

Dewdrop said...

Cirrus clouds definitely look like angels. They are magnificence with their wispiness... the way they flow through the air. Beautiful!

Rosie said...

Hey Girlfriend,
Thank you so much for your prayer and concern...not sure how much you know but will give the short version.
My sweet daughter, whom I recently found out hadn't been feeling very well, had fainted while holding a water glass. She managed to land on the glass,breaking her front teeth and bruising her little nose badly. Upon seeing a dentist, she was assured that for enough $$$$ her smile can be lovely again. This was very comforting. Then there was MUCH testing to see why she fainted...The results are inconclusive and my baby seems to be feeling somewhat better, so we shall go on with our day to day, and pray it was something simple that has now passed...
Again, thank you for your comfort, as it is so VERY hard to be a long distance mom. Lizzy attends college in the next province about 12 hours away. I had already booked tickets to attend a buying show in Alberta, which Liz and I do twice a year...fancy, pampered, girly girl weekend together...I miss my baby, so we do a lot of catching up and much giggling. I shall see her in 3 weeks so am counting the days.
Enjoy this weekend my dear friend and again thanks for the love...xoxo Rosie

francis said...

Maria , Maria .... all those kind words from all the lovely ladies all over the world ... you are really blessed !
I'm new in "Blog-land" and already so very very happy I took the advise from Saskia ( Join my Joy ) to start and just do it .....
I also work with children ...the most beautiful job in the whole wide world . Now it's Summerholiday so I can practise ... my blog ... Thanx for your sweet comment . Have a wonderfull summer !

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

This is just perfect and as you know, I love it that angels are around us...I count on that these days. I've always loved that song, of course it will now be in my head all evening, but it isn't a bad one to have there. Hope your weekend was wonderful.

EcoRover said...

Hey Maria, you're really nailing that SkyWatch trope!

myletterstoemily said...

dear maria,

and now i am humbled. how glorious
are your photos of bows and flows of
angel hair?

but i am still happy to know that you
love the heavens as much as i do!

thank you for linking me over here.