Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pot o Gold?

We could see the end of the


Near the end of it was a pot of gold!
Really though... was a bag of gold {leaves}


My two scientists discuss rainbow details.

Stopping for a

"I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth."
Genesis 9:13

~ Remembering His Mercies  ~


J Bar said...

Good rainbow captures.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

paul said...

This is a beautiful sequence of rainbow images.

Julie Harward said...

Why do we all love rainbows so much? Maybe it is the promise that comes with it! They are just plain magical. We have been getting some storms and rainbows exciting, so beautiful! :D

koralee said...

Oh Maria..I always stop for rainbows!
Hope all is well and you are enjoying you free days.
This is really my first day as we had staff celebrations yesterday.
Today is Canada Day..the parade did me chilly and wet here..I wanted to go to the fireworks tonight but so wet.
Now about those Sseko sandals...yes I got a cute..will have to take a photo of daughter got a pair too...the mutli colour ones..I love hers.
They are comfy but if you need to do a lot of walking I would not recommend that they be worn.
Have a great 4th of July my friend...hope your Fireworks don't get rained out!

Linda said...

That is a magnificent rainbow Maria. I agree - it is definitely good to take the time to appreciate such beauty.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend1

Dianne said...

Oh, I love that bag of gold at the end of the rainbow--so cute!

Thank you, Maria, for being such loyal friend.


Barb said...

Maria, My D-i-L called me while we were in Denver last weekend to alert me to a double rainbow (as in your second photo). I walked into the rain with my camera to capture it - I like to think maybe it was shining over you, too - all the way in NY! Wonderful captures of a promise in the sky!

Bill S. said...

Great shots. I think the two scientists are arguing about the colors - unless you know them.

Teresa said...

That rainbow was divine!
Did you make a wish sweet girl?
Wishing you a lovely HOLIDAY!
Have the honeymooners returned!
I am sure they are dancin' and prancin' in newlywed bliss!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

There's something magical about rainbows. You took lovely pictures of them, Maria. Stopping for a rainbow definitely is worth the time, I so so agree! Do you know the song Look for me in rainbows ~ Vicky Brown. It was one of the songs at my sweet sweet father's funeral. Rainbows truly are special to me, every time I get a glimpse of one I immediately think of my daddy.
Wishing you a most lovely merry happy weekend, sweet friend. xx

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

These rainbows are a gift! I certainly think of God's covenant. I taughht Covenant last summer and will never look at this miracle from God and take it for granted!

Maria said...

Comment for Kim, I saw your question about my swedish tea ring

... please revisit to read my answer to your question. Happy Baking! ~Maria

Regina said...

Pretty and amazing!
Great captures Maria.
Remembering His promises.
Thank you for sharing them.

Happy 4ht of July weekend and SWF.
" R e g i n a "