Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Sky Watch of Soaring Seagulls

Overhead and all Around

at Glimmerglass State Park,
any lake,
you'll see Seagulls Soaring!

You'll also see them stop to rest or look for picnic treats left behind.

how good it feels to find those little love notes in the sky!

~ Wishing you all Love ~

{Taken on the road into Albany, NY on our way to the Empires State Fireworks Display}


Barb said...

Your sky shots are super, Maria and that last even has a free-form pink heart to go with the banner.

Julie Harward said...

Beautiful...I love the seagulls, they are here too...eating the grasshoppers and crickets from the fields. Have you heard how they came after prayers for help by the early Utah pioneers? They're first crop was coming up and it was being devoured by crickets, they went to the fields in groups, trying to kill them off but there were way too many. Kneeling in prayer, they plead for God's help and shortly there after, they sky was darkened by huge flocks of seagulls who flew down into the fields..eating and regurgitating the crickets. Ever since this, segulls have been loved here! :D

Diana said...

I loved that last photo of the seagull Maria. He sorta looked like he was saying "Hey, hows it goin?"!
I keep seeing heart clouds on other peoples blogs. I keep looking and looking but so far no luck! But I'll keep trying! I love yours, very pretty! Love Di ♥

Linda said...

You take us to such beautiful places with your pictures Maria. I love the water and the sea gulls. Thank you for sharing your day. You always bring such joy.

Wanda said...

The last photo would make a lovely card, Maria!
I saw a heart in the clouds too this week!

Vicki said...

Hello, Maria,
Beautiful seagulls and skies, dear friend! That lovely heart in the sky is such a great reminder of God's love for us. I am so glad the prayer "Grace for this day" has been a blessing to you. I have it on my refrigerator door and read it often as a reminder of what I need for each and every day. Sending lots of love and hugs your way, my friend~ Vicki

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful and lovely shot !!Simply fantastic !!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hooray for Summer! Your pictures are lovely and so so Summer-y, Maria. Isn't the sky beautiful! All the pretty colours during all seasons. Your last picture is GORGEOUS!
Wishing you a terrific Thursday.
Lots of love xxxx

Maria said...

~Thank you for your lovely visits~

What dear, sweet friends you are ♥

Dianne said...

I've got to start looking for the hearts in the clouds. You are always finding awesome things like that--aren't the seagulls beautiful?!

Max-e said...

I'd love to be able to soar up there with the seagulls. I have photographed more of them than any other birds

Kcalpesh said...

Incredible shots!! Excellent Photography :-)

Pixellicious Photos

Rajesh said...

Great shots. The first two shots are fantastic with the flying bird.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the gulls while sky watching. With blue skies like that I'm sure they're just enjoying their time.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a beautiful post, Maria! I love the sign at the end!
I'm leaving with a lightness in my heart!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful impression of freedom. Thank you for this small escape. Please have a nice Friday.

daily athens

koralee said...

You are sooooo creative my friend.
Thank you for your sweet comment today!
My Summer is going way too so busy. Today we went into Vancouver to get Molly's visa all ready for her to go in Sept. I really do not know what I will do without her.
Our weather is now HOT!!!! 35 celsius! Bingo was only 25 a few days ago!
Hope all is well and you are enjoying life my friend.
Sending you some Summer Love. xoxoxo

James said...

I'm from Southern California not far from the beach so seagulls remind me of "home". I lived near Dallas Texas for a couple of years and I was suprised to see them there too. Now that I don't see them as much I appriciate them more. :) The setting sun gave the cloud in the bottom photo a very nice color.

Have a great weekend!

Boom Nisanart said...

Nice sky and great captured for the bird..Good one !

DrillerAA09 said...

All of these captures are very nice. The flying gulls are excellent composition and the last capture speaks to me in a special way. Thank you for sharing.

Rosie said...

Oh Maria,
You are one talented photographer. How many shots did it take to get that GREAT shot...
I was constantly snapping while in the boat trying to get the perfect shot...they did not look any thing like yours...
Have the best day, tomorrow...Sweet Dreams Rosie

Anita said...

Beautiful photos!! You are so good at capturing beautiful images. Yes, I wish I had more storage! I saw some other patterns with the same edge just different flowers. My mom is taking hers back already, lol! Have a great weekend:-)

Eaglesbrother said...

Nice photos..great Blue skies.

myletterstoemily said...

dear maria,

what extraordinary photos of such
grace and beauty. i love your
sweet encouragement of His love.


ps. i love mr. darcy and miss
elizabeth, too.

myletterstoemily said...

dear maria,

what extraordinary photos of such
grace and beauty. i love your
sweet encouragement of His love.


ps. i love mr. darcy and miss
elizabeth, too.

Regina said...

He shows His love each moments through His creations. Amazing God!
Wonderful skies and captures Maria! They are so pretty.
Happy SWF weekend.

"Regina" said...

A peaceful scene.
last month I visited Tallin, the Capital of Estonia and between those country and Sweden where I live we see lots of beautiful

Spiderdama said...

Oh, this is so wonderful! Just love the last one and it is the truth.
Thanks for visiting my blog and nice comment.
Wish you a blessed weekend:-)

B SQUARED said...

They are so loud and demanding. I love 'em.

Amanda said...

i especially love the picture of the heart in the sky, you always catch those!!! the seagulls were amazing at the lake, and you captured her beauty really nicely. Love you mom

EcoRover said...

Gulls sure seem to do well everywhere. As I recall, there is a gull monument in Salt Lake commemorating the flock that saved the Mormon pioneer farmers. Yeah, here it is:

Married to Singaporean said...

I loved your photos of the beautiful seagull Maria. A dream of mine to fly like a seagull. :)