Wednesday, July 28, 2010

By the time we left Woodstock {VT}

It was as lovely as he said!
 Our son-in-law, Juan, told us that Woodstock, VT is a beautiful city to visit.
He said that we could plan our trip back from  King Arthur Flour Bake Shop
so that we pass through Woodstock.
Awesome suggestion, Juan!
This is how the Woodstock community decorates for summer!

~ It's historical ~

buildings Woodstock VT

Flowers adorn every street.
flowers of woodstock, VT
The store fronts are so nicely done.

scenes from woodstock VT

We found loveliness around every corner.

Woodstock VT

Shortly after we left, we passed some popular Vermont ski slopes.
Woodstock VT

The mountain views were beautiful.

Woodstock VT

But, the skies looked a bit different as we drove south.

storm brewing Glens Falls

... very different ...

Woodstock VT

"What are those?"

storm brewing Glens Falls
{EcoRover stopped over to tell me that these are called Mammatus clouds!}

As we approached Glens Falls, NY  the sun was setting, and the rain was about to begin.
Oh look!

~ pink virga ~
pink virga
{Taken with hand out of the window, husband going 65mph}

When the sun set, the darkness gathered, as did more storm clouds.

... passing under the twin bridges of Clifton Park...
storm over twin bridges

"I wonder what the weather looks like over our house?"
{heading towards the end of the "Northway"

storm over Albany

thunder ~ lightning ~ power's out

It was non-stop lightning all night.
Luckily the power went out only twice for brief periods.
*Love an excuse for lighting candles*
...Thankfully, we had power in the morning so that we could bake our King Arthur Flour scones!

Each week you will find hundreds of people from all over the world sharing a glimpse of what they discovered while sky watching.

A BIG shout out to our hosts at  Sky Watch Friday
Thank you so much
Klaus Sandy Sylvia Wren Louise Fishing Guy

I hope you are having a


Anita said...

Lovely photos Maria as always! Look at those scones...I tried making some last week and was not sure if the shape or size was right. Those look really yummy. We have had a few storms here, but the power has not gone out yet. Looks like your trip was lovely!!

Julie Harward said...

Looks like a fun little trip..that town is unreal with all it's beautiful flowers and old buildings, I would love to go there! Beautiful sky too..we have been having lots of all that. Yum to the scones too :D

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Beautiful photos of Vermont! Did you know I was born just a stone's throw from there? Well, more like a few stones throws! Born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island! I love the east coast!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Vermont is beautiful, Maria. Your first image is perfectly bright. The pictures of the pretty flowers made me smile, I take lots and lots pictures of flowers too.
I found myself lighting candles the other week. It was afternoon and the sky got dark before a big shower. My thoughts went for a sec to the upcoming Fall ... I love the loooooong evenings, curtains closed, candles burning... Season JOY!
Kisses and hugs for a JOYful Wednesday, a divinely break in the week. xxxxx

Linda said...

Such a beautiful post Maria. I love it all. However, what stopped me in my tracks was your mention of Glens Falls. When we lived in Truthville, we used to do all of our "big" shopping in Glens Falls. Brings back many memories.

EcoRover said...

Righteous sky pics--I especially like the "hail cloud" (mammatus, as they're appropriately called). We have some friends from the Woodstock area--one guy I teach with (best cross country skier I've every known) and a couple who considered a HUGE compromise when they had to take jobs out-of-state (in the foreign/enemy nation of New Hampshire).

It's me said...

What a beautiful post Maria....... I love it all........good night sleep well......... hugs Ria....

Wanda said...

Totally amazing pictures. I wanted to jump into the screen.....

And that scone....oh my I could just taste scones and tea!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

That is my kind of town...the flowers are just wonderful. I love places like that! You get better sky photos going 65 miles per hour than I do while standing still...gorgeous!

Dianne said...

It has been a dream for years to go to Vermont--someday maybe. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of their beautiful summers. I always wanted to go in the fall, but now I am having second thoughts.

Beautiful shots, Maria.

Love, D.

B SQUARED said...

You have the most interesting road trips. I'll bet you make a mean pot of coffee to accompany those scones.

Vicki said...

Okay, I am ready to buy my ticket for Woodstock, VT. I can tell this village is my kind of place, love those gorgeous flowers!! Your skies are so very pretty, and you did a wonderful job of taking a photo while going 65 mph. I am also ready to join you for those King Arthur flour scones and a hot cup of coffee. Enjoy the rest of your week, Maria~ Love and hugs~ Vicki

koralee said...

I am always looking at the sky now..thinking of you!
Looks like your day was amazing. I love the looks of Woodstock..what a sweet town.
I so like it when the lights go out...all cozy and warm by candlelight.
Looks like you are making the most of your Summer my friend. xoxo

Rosie said...

Oh my dear, what a little treasure you discovered....completely charming...I love little towns that have so much "loveliness" to my dear had a cRaZy great time...thanks for sharing your time with us Rosie

Diana said...

O.K. I want to move to Woodstock! What a quaint and lovely place! Also I would love a scone please, by candle light. It will taste better that way! The photos were beautiful Maria, and I hope that your husband had the camera strap around his wrist when taking that photo! I once did that same thing ans Katie yelled "MOM! Put the strap around your wrist!!!"
Love Di ♥

Eve said...

Wow - I'm ready to pack my bags and head over to Woodstock! What a beautiful community! :)

Sylvia K said...

What a beautiful area! And your photos are superb! Lovely skies and such a variety! Definitely a place I'd love to visit! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Maria! Enjoy!


Regina said...

Such beautiful trip and captures Maria.
Thank you for sharing.

Happy SWF and have a lovely weekend.

Kcalpesh said...

Lovely captures of extremely gorgeous views!!

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joo said...

Hi Maria, your post is stunning - I love everything - sky, decorations, flowers. Beautiful!
Have a lovely weekend:)

Barb said...

I believe I passed by that town on a bike tour of VT. It's very charming. I hate to admit this, Maria, but I enlarged the photo of your scone (allowing the wonderful sky shots to remain small...). I know it says something awful about my character.

Rosie said...

OH Dear Girl,
Did you eat ALL the scones? They look soooo good, and the kettle is on...what do ya say?...are you comin' over? you...Rosie

Natasha said...

You sure did capture some beautiful scenery. The sky shots are magnificent! Glad you had fun!

Best wishes,

Arti said...

Wow...what lovely,river,sun,clouds and that orange sky... Loved them all!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

What a beautiful place to visit and such pretty pictures of the sky!

Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. :)


Blissitydoodah said...

I was in Woodstock once on a mission trip. I was so young...I need to go back :) I did run into Charles Bronson in a gift shop!