Sunday, July 25, 2010

New and Old

Our new  Rubbermaid carafe!
It's our little beverage  "lighthouse"
Carafe filled with Celestial Seasonings Blueberry Ice-tea ~ photo taken at Glimmerglass July 4

Our very old bowls recently purchased at my favorite consignment shop.
They are such delicate china, light as a feather and made in Austria!
They were on the clearance shelf!
5 bowls for $2
Since they match my old 1950's pink "diner" dishes ~ they came home with me!
Perfect for everything ~ especially double desserts like
strawberry rhubarb crisp and vanilla light ice cream!
Recipe is from my old Betty Crocker Cook Book.

Betty Crocker Cookbook

But you can find it the new  way... on the internet!
Betty Crocker rhubarb crisp recipe with less sugar and added berries.

Betty Crocker recipe search

Here is one of the new  chipping sparrows out of the nest for the first time!
...literally the size of a walnut...
baby sparrow
I was doing some weeding near by the barberry bushes and
two of the three babies flew to the ground right in front of me!
I feared I may have startled them...
but the "whole chipping sparrow family" came over
to guide the chicks to the nearby spruce tree where they had been perched.
They spent 10 minutes "teaching" the chicks how to fly up into the tree.
One of the adult sparrows gave the chicks repeated "examples of how it is done."
~ So cute ~
I knew that there was still one more left in the nest,
so I left for a few hours to give them some space.
By the weekend, they were all at the feeder waiting for the adults to feed them.

Dear Family and Friends,
Here are a few lessons that I learned about old and new.

It's great to try new things!

One of the best ways to recycle is to
find something old and make it
new  to you!

It's always wonderful to make a new friend.
feel like an old friend.

and as some of you have mentioned in comments
"how important it is to be a good 'role model' as in the example of the sparrows"
Oh, how much I treasure my new friends that feel like old friends!


Wanda said...

I love old dishes, and those patterns are wonderful. I have a thrift shop that from time to time, on a good day, I can find a treasured older plate for cup.

You lighthouse is so cool!!!

Have a great week dear friend.

Julie Harward said...

I love the new/old dishes, everything tastes better in things like that! Love hearing about the baby birds and their flying lesson and how kind of you to leave so they could! :D

koralee said...

Oh sweet and old friends are the Best...and everything between..I will take them all.
Just got home today...had a great time with my mom and dad...true blessings!
I am always so sad to leave them...but the good part is I can visit again in August.
Have a great new week...I am looking forward to finishing up lots of projects...hugs. xoxo

Marg said...

I just picked up some dishes not so long ago at a thrift shop also, because they matched my Bavarion set.
I love them and use them always and Oh, my goodness....that Betty Crocker Book really dates us...I still use it for tutorials or whatever. It's wonderful.
Watching those sparrows teach is other to fly must become a teaching lesson for you...I'll wait for your expository meaning on that.
Loved your post.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Making something new out of something old gives me so much pleasure. I cherish these new treasures!
How cute to see these little birdie friends grow in your garden and to really see them learn how to fly! Your so sweet to leave so the could practice.
Your dishes are b*e*a*u*t*i*f*u*l. The pretty soft color palette and patterns are ADORABLE.
Wishing you a most wonderful new week, Maria. xxx

It's me said...

Ow what a sweet birdie.....and how nice that you saw mom their learning how to cute !!

And yes new old friends are the best !!!............wishing you a happy Ria.....

Diana said...

It's so nice when weeding turns into a sweet surprise! That's just how I came upon Mr. Toad!
The dishes are beautiful Maria!
Love Di ♥

Amanda said...

love how you decorate the table even for desert... i certainly didn't get that trait lol... I also love the chirping sparrows =) glad they survived their fall from the tree

love you mom!!!

Barb said...

Hi Maria,
You know how much I love DESSERT! (Especially when YOU make it...) Here is a good lesson we can all learn from Nature about parenting (or teaching, maybe...): One of the adult sparrows gave the chicks repeated "examples of how it is done." Good role-modeling seems to be the key, whether you are a bird or a child.

francis said...

dear Maria , thank you for your kind words on my blog .
Yes I love seashells . Many many wonderfull summerholidays with the children at sea and this is the result . Have a wonderfull Monday .....

Beth said...

Hi Maria, You asked about CSN Stores sponsoring giveaways. One thing you need is an e-mail address displayed on your blog. That's how they reach you. However, Jason who I have worked with encouraged me to give other bloggers who might be interested in giveaways his e-mail. Here it is, and feel free to contact the CSN promo team directly.
Good luck!

By the way, I enjoyed your vignette of old and new! Loved the baby bird photo and your shot on the water, Marie.
Blessings, Beth

Anita said...

What a beautiful post Maria! I love how yo put old and new together. LOVE your dishes, and the tablecloth really catches my eye! I have been looking for some vintage tablecloths in different colors than the ones I inherited. You always create the most beautiful posts:-) Thanks for stopping by my old/new chairs! We are enjoying them so much. Oh...and the cookbook, I love old cookbooks too!

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Hi Maria, I have that very same cookbook, friend, and still use it!

Vicki said...

Hello, Maria,
Those sweet bowls would have had to come home with me, too. What a great buy!! We can learn many life lessons from your little sparrow family I think. Your friendship and encouraging words have always been and will be uplifting to me~ Enjoy your week, sweet one~ Love and hugs~ Vicki

Linda said...

A visit here is always so refreshing Maria. There isn't a thing that isn't filled with warmth and beauty.
I love the little bowls -pink flowers- my absolute favorite.
Hope you're enjoying these summer days sweet friend.

Rosie said...

Oh, Maria Darling,
Your Rhubarb Crisp looks completely delectable...and your pretty dish is just perfectly L*O*V*E*L*Y...a when there is a little ice cream involved...well...
Your little sparrow family is so were so lucky to catch a "flying lesson".
What a delicious so many Rosie

Indie.Tea said...

What a lovely post, so full of sweet things...and I want your beautiful old bowls!

Wanda..... said...

Such a sweet and beautiful post in many ways Maria, just like you, a sweet and beautiful friend, who is an example for all!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Maria: Enjoyed your photos and the neat plates you found.

Jeanette said...

The dishes are just lovely! Maria, this was such a sweet post, I have that same old cookbook and while the internet is fun, I adore sitting up and going through my old cookbooks. Touching them and seeing the spattered pages, reading the notes I have made over the years. I would love to have seen momma sparrow making the babies come home. Thanks for your viist.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Maria, Darling, sweet and wonderful!
I really LOVE what you said about "new to me" things.
YOur message really hit home. And I'm thinking it is also in the way we look at things too!
So happy I stopped by tonight!

Rosie said...

Good evening my darling,
You will have a BLISSFUL weekend for sure...I know you and I share the love of have family surround us...oh just let me cook,bake and fill up tummies...I love to hear the giggling and teasing that goes hand in hand with this precious time...enjoy it my dear... and nap on Monday...sending a smile and a rosie

Gloria said...

I love the things you have learned about the old and new! So sweet!
Your dishes you found are very beautiful. What a steal they were!!
@}~`}~~~ Gloria

EcoRover said...

Fun watching them little ones get their wings. Mine is flying from Boston to a new nest near Portlan OR.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You always have such a positive way of looking at the that!