Friday, July 9, 2010

A Pretty Gift of Nature

Last year we had such joy watching robins nest around our house
and even on our porch!
I've missed the close presence of the nesting birds.
Last week, I noticed a sparrow going in and out of our barberry bushes in the front of the house.
Ouch, I thought... but then, what a great place for a nest - very safe, very smart!

Yesterday, I took a peek and sure enough ... a nest!
These photos were taken close enough to capture the nest, but far enough so as not to worry the mother.
I imagine her to "know me" from our backyard feeder :D

This is the original before cropping ~ taken from the top of the bush down.
chipping sparrow eggs2

Mrs. Chipping Sparrow was keeping her eggs cozy, so I took this one from a distance.
{Wishing her happy nesting}

sparrow in nest

My own nest is a mess today.
At 4:00am, Chris and I woke to the crashing sound of the wire clothes shelves in our closet collapsing!
We scrambled for the Martha Stewart double rack in the basement laundry area, and temporarily hung the things we didn't want to iron on it. 

So, I'll be dressing my nest the rest of the day!
Keep cool everyone!
Last Year's Video of the Robin Family that nested on our front porch.
I'll always treasure this experience of being soooo close to nature.
This video takes you from the beginning to first flight!
{The yarn next to the window boxes was for all the nesting}

My gratitude to the Creator's timing and to Mother and Father Robin
for letting me look on in humble silence.

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~ Thank you Joyce for Hosting Us ~

Cornell University's Dept. of Ornithology.


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

What sweet picture the first one is. Such special feeling to find birds nesting in your garden. We have a duck, that comes around every year. Happy happy dressing today, Maria. It's so HOT about 34 degrees Celsius, too hot to do a lot of dressing inside. Sending many warm wishes your way for a happy pretty Friday and a wonderful weekend. xxx

It's me said...

Wow..what a great find............i love your pictures........happy friday pretties...happy sunny is tooo hot here....well 34 hot.....stay calm and doing nothing today.......loev and hugs from me.....

Wanda..... said...

I remember your nesting Robins, Maria. That was about the time I started following you!

We have Chipping Sparrows in the yard...I love their happy little songs and friendly attitude of singing right overhead while working outside!

Have a good weekend!

Roo said...

my your photos... xo
just wanted to let you know i had to change my can find me at


Amanda said...

i loved mostly how excited you were coming in to show me the little birds in your pictures!!! you are such a gentle spirit, mom!! I love you xo

EcoRover said...

I did a lot of yard work for neighbors as a kid, and really came to hate Barberry Bushes! But a smart bird, indeed.

Hope it cools down for you. Daughter Emily is just in from Boston where it was 100 with high humidity--she's grateful for our nights in the 30s, days in the high 80s but with low humidity.

koralee said...

Just me again...found is the same one you did for your sweet daughter Amanada! Molly will LOVE it {may buy a cake already we have no AC} xoxoxo
Thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

Hi Maria, I bet you and Chris really awoke fast when the shelves came tumbling down. I would have immediately thought a bear had gotten inside! Happy bird watching. Keep us posted on the nesting progress.

Cathy said...

Pretty photos.

Julie Harward said...

I love the sweet little things too...great picture of the nest! Sounds like you will have some work to do today! ;D

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

What a find! The nest with those pretty, pretty blue eggs! Oh My!Beautiful.

Your post is so pretty and I am so happy that you joined my Friday Pretties. Please come back again next week!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Dianne said...

Oh, that makes you know where the term Robin's egg blue comes from, doesn't it? And I love the barberry bushes. We planted lora petalum instead and I still wish we had the barberry, thorns and all.

Yes, close to nature. Somehow it makes us feel extra close to God, doesn't it?

Maria, your posts are always uplifting and good for the spirit. Thank you.


Rosie said...

I love finding little treasures here and there in nature...but IN the barberry...Yikes...I love thee look of barberry and made the error a few years ago of planting it in a high traffic area. My family was not impressed and we finally ripped it out.
Well got tons done feel good about the to do list...onto the store is really hot here...put a few lawn chairs in our little creek just to cool down...quite pleasing, I should say that it was a huge success...I have another chair, come on Rosie

Lori's page said...

Oh, I never knew the robin's eggs were this blue, absolutely lovely story, thanks such a lot for sharing with us. No chance of a bird nest in my garden, my cat is such a chaser, and is always waiting around to find some prey. Not that I do not feed it, on the contrary! Spoilt tom! Thanks for your post about the cupcakes in Paris, it was a lovely event and we ate until we burst, almost! I have made some carrot cake cupcakes. :-) Have a good weekend, hot here in France, too hot! Lori xxx

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful,lovely and great shots !!

Boas Vibrações said...

I really appreciate your BLOG AND I'M HERE FOR A quick visit
YOU'LL BE FOLLOWING AND'll be happy if MEM followed ALSO

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Maria,

I see that you know my dear and sweet friend Rosie and dear Saskia as well! How lovely of you to come by and be my 103rd commenter!!! I usually post every Friday night, but I have been busy preparing for some construction work on my home and having a yard sale today! Thank you so much for coming to visit with me! You are such a sweet person...and oh! Those airports! They have to be on such alert, but wow, one has to be careful what one takes on the plane!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer; we are having so much fun visiting with friends, planning our addition and just playing around!!!

Many thanks and please come back! Anita

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Maria~this is so sweet. We have such a fondness for our feathered friends too. We've got several feeders for them to dine on.
I've no doubt they think the fountain is their personal bird bath.
We can sit outside for hours watching them eat and play.
They've gotten a little brave...a few days ago I notice the feeder was empty. As I headed to the bag of seeds, a bird flew right into the dinning room (the french doors are always opened) perching himself on a chair, chirping away. I could have sworn he was asking where his breakfast was, lol.

Wanda said...

How wonderful...Is there anything better than watching God's little creation up close and personal.

Love your pictures and video.

I think we have a sparrow nest in our Rose of Sharon Bush....

Reet said...

This is so cute! :)

Reet said...

this is so cute! :)

Maria said...

Wow, what a pretty nest! I think I would not have seen it at all, it's so well hidden in the bush!
Have a nice week ahead!

Diana said...

I'm so excited for you Maria! I remember your robin's nest and mine from last year. It is amazing to watch nature at her best. So natural and beautiful! It is why I love Mr. Toad!!!
The eggs and the bush are such pretty colors. ENJOY!
Love Di ♥

Rosie said...

I am in love with those beautiful blue eggs...God is such a talented artist...well done for capturing this moment...sweet Rosie

troutbirder said...

What fun to see those nests. And a wonderful video too!

Gloria said...

Beautiful nest, and what a joy this was to find!
I am visiting from Joyce's blog. I love your pretty blog...:)
Have a happy "pretty" Friday!
@}~`}~~~ Gloria

Paula said...