Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{Sky Watch Friday} Humidity + Sunset


A  Creamsicle  Sky

with blueberries on top

If you live in the northeast of the USA
you have been


{instead of complaining}
As the moisture from the air beads up on my face,
I've been trying to
i m a g i n e
that this must be as good as getting an amazing facial
at an exotic spa

~yes, that helps~

the humidity reached 100%

 it poured all day.

I thought of the little sparrow

 her testimony to parenthood.
~ Keeping her precious charges protected and warm ~

Dear Family and Friends,

Stay Cool ~ Stay Calm
Keep a cheerful heart

Enjoy more "postcards" from around the world
Thank you to our hosts: 

{Photo of spa from Flickr javiC's photostream}


It's me said...

You also keep a cheerful heart !!!............lovely evening..........hugs from me....

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh, do book a double room for that amazing facial, I'll be there right away. Sending some rainy clouds your way, see those coming yet? Lots of love always, sweet cheerful hearted Maria xx

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Such gorgeous photos and what a wonderful attitude. You are a better woman than I am...we are hot and humid in the midwest too. The heat index is 105 today. I love summer and sunshine, but it's hot! I love my air-conditioning too and I'll just get my facial from a little tube of cream!

Julie Harward said...

You have a wonderful imagination and an even greater heart! I love positive people like you, they make me feel happy! :D

Jeanette said...

Lovely photos and what a lovely thought, humidity facials. I will remember that tomorrow morning!

Diana said...

We are in our own heatwave right now Maria! What a gorgeous sky, it makes the heat and humidity bearable!
I am choosing to stay inside! Well at least until this evening when I will go and water the plants!
Stay cool! Never mind, you're already cool! Love Di ♥

Linda said...

Such a beautiful way to look at the humidity Maria. It has been very humid here too. I'm just trying to keep my hair from frizzing like crazy!
I love the sweet pictures from a dear, sweet spirit. Thank you :-)

Boas Vibrações said...

Good night!that a lot of peace blogyou wish:love wisdomlifeprosperityjoy and harmony for you and your familyI'm following you on your blog and I'll be happy if you follow me.Good Vibes For You

Wanda..... said...

Beautiful sky and thoughts, Maria!
We've been having foggy mornings and rainy days!

Barb said...

Your skies are like paintings. I appreciate their beauty but would be melting in the humidity. It is still lovely and cool here in the mountains - I did a high altitude hike today.

Pearl Maple said...

Creamsicle is a perfect description and darling photo of the little bird trying to do her best. Great plan to visualise a spa holiday.

Thanks for your question about "winter" in the tropics, it is delightful in the afternoon sunshine up to 70f most days but they don't tell you about the nights which can drop down to under 40, perfect for snuggling though.

koralee said...

Oh stay cool sweet one...our weather has been amazingly perfect the last few days..sun but not hot!
I love your sweet always find the postitive in everything..what a blessing you are!

Regina said...

Beautiful skies Maria.The weather is really changing to the extreme.
Here in the tropics we just had a stormy weather but its gone now. (We have two season only).

Cheers my friend and enjoy the facial and spa. Love the aroma.

Happy SkyWatch Friday!

Rosie said...

Oh my dear that lounger on your right taken? I won't stay long...just a little girl talk and I'm off...
Those are amazing never fail to see the beauty in the things that surround you...He smiles at this I'm sure...stay Rosie

Rosie said...

.....Maria and Chris.....
Oh you will have such a lovely time in Vermont...I trust you are taking your camera?!...Can't wait for a wee peek at this fun adventure...
May you have a relaxing and rejuvenating time Rosie

Pearl Maple said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my post, chosing the quote was fun, there were a few people who seem to have said something similar. In the end I went with the Laura version because her stories make so many of us smile.
Like what you have going on in your other blog space, great fun!

Vicki said...

Always such a blessing to visit you, my sweet friend, and look at God's handiwork in those beautiful skies. I often say here in Central Texas when I step outside, I am stepping into a sauna!! The picture of the little mother bird protecting her own is precious beyond words. We mother birds do like to protect our babies and grandbabies and keep them from harm, don't we? Sending love and hugs to you, Maria~ Vicki

Carol said...

Beautiful creamsicle skies! It's very humid here also, I will try to think of humidity facials...great way to look at things.

Martha Z said...

Beautiful skies even if the come with uncomfortable weather.

J Bar said...

Great sky shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Dianne said...

chuckle, chuckle, now that is what I call positive thinking--I think Webster just placed your picture beside the defintion of "positive" in the dictionary.

It was unbearable here today. My face ought to be beautiful--maybe I need to run look in the mirrow and then again, maybe I don't!

Love, d.

Julie said...

Oh what a eye you have for such a delicate pastel sky, Maria. Such colours and such clouds. Wonderful.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Cheerful , Cool and Calm that is what I like to be ..:-)

We are cool in the UK , it rained in my area last night, in fact we gales , and thought storms were coming, now the sun is out .. !!

Lovely photos, and I love the ones with the birds and the feeders .. really sweet. :-)

Thank you for your kind and lovely comment on my blog, and thank you for coming over :-)
Take care Anne

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Maria dearest! How lovely of your to come by....oh dear, I used to live in Boston, and I remember the humidity. Here in Minneapolis, it can get the same way but we have been experiencing very mild weather...but who knows what the winter will bring!!! Thank you for your lovely comments and yes, Sandra is indeed a fabulous steward of her resources and the nature that surrounds her. She makes "simplicity" a luxury....hmmmm, something that is learned through trial and error. Have a splendid day dear friend! Anita