Monday, July 19, 2010

A Day at King Arthur's

I have always loved
B a k i n g
 with ingredients.

In her own way, my grandmother taught me that it was an art.
She rarely used measuring tools.
Pretty teacups and wooden spoons were her guides.

I loved baking with her...and we baked often!

Visiting King Arthur Flour Bakers' Store in Norwich, Vermont
this weekend
was such a treat for me!
I've used their flour for years and years!

Look at the different flours!
I picked up some pizza flour for me and for my father who LOVES to make his own homemade pizza.  My grandmother would have brought home a 25 lb. bag!

There were all kinds of baking tools available.
We bought their famous apple peeler!
With our apple trees ... this will be awesome!

{I'll let you know how well it works in the fall}
{picture from KAF website}

Turning the corner
{it's blurry because I was jumping up and down LOL}

look at this!
{I wanted to take it all home}
{But, where would I store it!?!  I picked up lots of sprinkles though!}

I did take this home
 English Muffin Mix and Rings
as recommended by Misty @ Yellow Shoe Day.

Oh do visit her blog and read why she named it "Yellow Shoe Day."

I also bought several varieties of scone mixes.
I fall for the sampled items almost every time!
The cranberry-orange scones 
served up by Irene the baker were incredible!

the apricot sour-cream scones 
were highly recommended by another shopper.
I fell for that too :o)
{I made some Sunday morning for brunch!}

Here I am with Arthur.

The drive to Vermont from New York is so beautiful!
~ It was a day well spent ~
If you're heading to this part of Vermont
... do stop at King Arthur Flour Bake Shop...

A goal of mine is to eventually make it back there for one of their baking classes.
Rachael and I were talking about which ones we could take
and how we would get Amanda there too!

Here's an awesome video produced by the team at King Arthur Flour.

Dearest Friends and Family,
Have a beautiful week!
Let us all keep our eyes and hearts open to all the gifts
our Heavenly Father blesses us with each and every day.
You are all precious gifts to me!

ps. Did you know that KA Flour has a blog?


Anita said...

Wow, what a fun trip!! I didn't realize there was a store! I use that brand of whole wheat flour to make my griddle cakes. All that food looks so good!!

Julie Harward said...

A bakers Heaven, I would jump up and down too! Looks like a fun day, I would love to see everything in that shop! :D

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

That shop seems to be straight from heaven. Could spend hours in a place like that. The little plate with the cupcake is too cute!
Nature and shops are beautiful in your part of the world, you fit in just perfectly, sweet Maria.
Sending lots of Dutch JOY your way for a lovely Monday! xxxx

It's me said...

What a beautiful shop !! Maria......i could spent ours there.....wishing you a great week with lots of joy Ria....

Farmgirl Cyn said...

ANYTHING to do with cooking/baking/gardening would be right up my alley! Looks like a wonderful day!

Vicki said...

And, you, my dear, are a gift to all of us!! My goodness, I did not know there were different kinds of flour. I would have bought the flour just because of the name, King Arthur, so romantic. Even as a young girl I loved the tales of King Arthur and his knights and of course, beautiful Guinevere. I can see you had a splendid time, Maria. The apricot scones are making my mouth water, yummy, yummy. Hope your day has been a good one, sweet friend~ Vicki

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I don't think we have this flour around here. I only see it mentioned on blogs...but I love that store! I have Vermont and Maine and that entire part of the country on my wish list.

Linda said...

What a wonderful place to visit Maria. I just love that apple peeler. It would definitely shorten the time it takes to make an apple pie!
When we lived in NY, I could see the Green Mountains of Vermont from my kitchen window. Beautiful country!

Barb said...

We had a house in Bondville, VT - near Stratton Mountain, when our children were young. It's a very scenic state. And, Vermonters know a thing or two about baking! Those scones look extra-yummy. I also like the painted dishes and bowls. Every time I go to a kitchen store, I wish I could choose all new dishes and cutlery. However, I seem to have chosen mine to last forever!

Dianne said...

This looks like such fun.

I fried cornbread for dinner tonight and now I have "the hankering" (a good ole Arkansas expression" to make me up some English muffins. Oh, they look so good!

And hubby and I's dream vacation has always been to go to northeast so maybe one day we will get to drive that beautiful drive.

Great post!

Diana said...

Isn't it amazing Maria, people get up Sooo early to bake. That is truly love! When my kids were much younger I used to bake three loaves a day! No wonder I am worn out!
When I envisioned you jumping up and down I laughed! Those Apricot,sour creme scones sounded right up my ally!! Love Di ♥

koralee said...

Sounds lovely my friend..wish I could be driving up those lovely roads. It is soooo beautiful out East!
I do have one of those apple peelers...they really are the best...I have had mine for years and years. Still works like a charm.
Sending love and hugs your way...I am off to visit my parents tomorrow..can't wait. xoxox

The Captain's Daughter said...

I would have LOVED to be there with you! What a wonderful drive and fun stop at KAF. I really enjoy (the results) using their products. Nothing finer!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

bakers said...

Maria! I was inspired by your visit and the beautiful pages of your post. I have a box of English Muffins and those rings at home - You can bet they are at the top of my to-do list on the next day off! Happy Baking!
Irene @ KAF

Spiderdama said...

Wonderful place to visit. Thanks for your nice comment.
Wish you blessed summerdays:-)

B SQUARED said...

My car isn't big enough to haul all the stuff home. A dangerous place.

Rosie said...

oh what a fun excursion...looks like you had a fabulous time. I would love to take cooking classes...I found a new baking site{top of my sidebar, have a peek when you have time}...glad your back...I missed Rosie

Cathy said...

Hi Maria. That looks like such a neat place. I'd love to visit Vermont someday and now you've given me another reason to want to go.

Maria said...

I've been perusing the King Arthur Flour Blog on and off all day in between gardening and cleaning ... It's a great foodie site and the writing and photographs are wonderful!

Many thanks to all of you dear sweet people for stopping by!
Happy Baking!

Irene, we truly enjoyed our visit to KAF and I hope to come back again ~ You are a wonderful baker and so attentive to visitors~ Thank you!

Sandy said...

Hi, Maria! My husband and I are talking about taking a New England vacation in a year or so. It would be so much fun to visit KAF when we come! Here in my neck of the woods, we have places like a fantastic milk and ice cream dairy, a Little Debbie factory, AND a Moon Pie factory! Have you ever had a Moon Pie??? Classic southern snack! It's easy to take these great places for granted, though. I do believe I'm going to put these on my To Do List! My husband and I just got back from a two-day visit to an amazing state park, and it makes me wish I was still blogging so I could post pictures and share our joy in God's awesome creation. I think I'm missing my blog! Blessings to you, Maria!

Rosie said...

Oh sweet Maria...thanks so much for coming for a wee visit...sorry by site was not being very hospitable, but I think it is fixed...hope your day was GRAND...smiling Rosie

Misty said...

Thanks Maria! I'm so glad you made it to King Arthur. I can't wait to hear how the english muffins turn out. You did what I was too distracted to do and took lots of photos on your trip. I love that place and will miss it. I'm actually a little afraid of my baking skills withering away since we are headed to high altitude Colorado. As soon as I get my kitchen unpacked I will mix up my aunt's sourdough bread starter and bake some homemade bread. Only then will it feel like home!

We load the trucks tomorrow and there has been little time for blogging but I'm so glad you stopped by.